Two for one…

When I blogged about the new flavours from Maggi instant noodles, I mentioned that I found both the cili ala kampung & the sambal tumis bilis too salty for me so after the initial packets, I only used half of the contents of the sachets provided inside. In other words, I only needed one set for two packets of the noodles and I kept the extra sets to fry rice…

Sambal tumis bilis fried rice 1

…with them.

When I fry my kampung fried rice, I always use ikan bilis (dried anchovies) as one of the ingredients and all the time, I would leave most of the ikan bilis with the rice for my missus to enjoy when she got up but recently, for reasons unknown, I saw her leaving all of them by the side of the plate. Gee! After all these years, there are still things to learn about one another that we did not know before!

Well, she did not have to do that when I fried the rice using the sambal that came with the instant noodles. I only used some chopped garlic and chili and some chopped daun sup (Chinese celery), no ikan bilis...


…but yes, I did throw in a few prawns plus two eggs to enhance the taste. Prawns? I could hear Uncle Roger go (7:18), “Ooooo….he put prawn in his egg fried rice. Fuiyoh!!!…Prawn is the most expensive protein…for special occasion only!” LOL!!!

I fried the garlic in oil till golden brown and then I added the prawns, followed by the chili and the daun sup…and the leftover overnight rice. I emptied the contents of the sachets with the seasoning and mixed it well with the rice. Once done, I broke two eggs into the wok and stir fried everything  together. Lastly, I sprinkled the bawang goreng sebenar (fried shallots) from the other two sachets before dishing everything out onto a plate.

Yes, it was very nice…

Sambal tumis bilis fried rice 2

…and I sure was glad that nothing had gone to waste.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Two for one…”

  1. That’s a good idea! Will have to do this with some other salty instant noodle packets that I encounter, I usually throw them away, now it will be put to better use.

    I will usually save for use with something else but I wouldn’t keep for too long once already open.

  2. I am like you, never throw but save the extra packets of seasonsings and put to use when the needs arises. Nothing goes to waste. These seasonings when added to fried rice will make it taste more flavourful. I like cripsy ikan bilis in fried rice.

    Me too! Dunno why my missus doesn’t want to eat it. I’ll just eat it all up myself next time.

  3. Reminds me of university days but not instant noodles, instant pasta instead.

    My girl has a few packs of instant pasta – she also enjoys those. I prefer it freshly cooked.

  4. Ouh she did not like the anchovies? What a waste? :p

    No idea. Next time I shall eat all of them myself – she can have the rice.

  5. These few days I also fried rice, any leftover means fried… Actually I like to eat fried rice especially with crispy fried ikan bilis… very nice!

    Me too. My missus can fry better, she adds a bit of this sauce, a bit of that sauce…so her fried rice is nicer but she does not wake up so early. My fried rice is very simple – I take all the shortcuts, just o.k. and not as nice.

  6. That’s a very good idea to use the using the sambal from the noodles to fry rice. Your fried rice always looks so good!

    Thank you, and people say my instant noodles too. LOL!!!

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