Can we try again…

My girl loves cucurs (deep-fried fritters), the ones that I buy from the Malay stalls around here…

Cucur, Bandong

…or the ones she makes herself using the factory-made batter mix sold in packets. I did try once and it did not turn out too shabbily – I would say it was quite nice.

Well, the other day, she decided to make her own from scratch so she got down to working on it. As far as I know, she started off with wheat flour, cornflour and turmeric powder…

Wheat flour, cornflour and so on

…and her wild onions growing in the garden, chopped.

I helped her pound her soaked udang kering (dried prawns) but she insisted on doing everything herself so I left her to carry on on her own. As far as I know, she also added one Bombay onion, chopped and an egg and the batter was ready…


All she had to do after that was to fry the cucur and soon, it was done…

Mel's cucur

It was not salty – she did not add any salt but it was all right – after all, we ate them with her mum’s lovely blended chili dip. I would say it tasted great with the hint of the udang kering but unfortunately, the texture was not all that great. It was dense – it did not rise to the occasion so it was not soft and airy inside, the way cucurs should be but still, we did enjoy eating and it was all gone in no time at all.

I don’t know whether she would try again after this initial setback or whether she would just go back to those packets of factory-made batter mix but the next day, she went on to try something else – the brown sugar huat kuih/发糕 (Chinese steamed cake)…

Mel's huat kuih

…and it turned out really well. Of course, she was mighty pleased and yes, I did enjoy eating them very much. I love these steaming hot with butter and peanut butter – what about you?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Can we try again…”

  1. I would love to try the huat kueh with peanut butter too. That will be new for me. 😀

    Go ahead. Great with just butter too!

  2. Long time did not take huat kuih!! Used to enjoy that as a kid. A bit of sweetness.

    Hope she gets the right cucur next round.

    I buy huat kuih quite often, whenever I see any being sold outside because my girl seems to like it very much. Dunno if she will try making the cucur from scratch anymore – will grab a few of the Adabi onse when we happen to go out – those are nice.

  3. Cucurs, my favourite too. I always make cucurs with the factory-made batter mix, easy and hassle free. Yes, I still have a packet of the batter mix in my pantry. Got to get down and do it. Not really fond of huat kuih.

    Yes, since it is nice and very convenient…and fool-proof, better just use the factory made ones. My girl likes Adabi…but right now, we are not going out and we do not have any in the house.

    I’m not really into huat kuih too, just ok with it but dunno why my girl likes it very much so when I see any being sold outside, I will surely buy. These days, not all are well made, not kembang so well and some have a very strong fermented yeast smell.

  4. Try and it will be perfect in no time! I like huat kueh, can take it without any sapu as long it is steamed hot… Nice!

    You’re like my girl but this time, she tried with peanut butter and she loved it!!!

  5. My mum makes excellent corn and zucchini fritters.

    Zucchini? That would be something like what they have at the Japanese joints, eh? Tempura, they call that, I think. My girl loves it! I vaguely recall having corn fritters before but I cannot remember where.

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