I’ll try anything…

I blogged about these leaves…

Daun hempedu bumi 1

…a few times before like here in 2016 , for instance or here in 2008. You can click those links to read all about them.

They are still growing in abundance here and there all over my garden, at times flourishing and doing very well while at other times, they seem to be struggling to stay alive and I really do not know why. All I can do is to sit back and watch and hope for the best.

Well, it so happened that I stumbled upon this Bloomberg article that reported that Thailand’s health ministry had approved the use of the herbal plant extract to treat early stages of Covid-19  as an alternative treatment to reduce the severity of the outbreak and at a time like this, I’ll try anything!

I used to pluck them to brew tea with them and drink loyally without fail every day but lately, I have not been that motivated even when I see a lot sprouting here and there and growing beautifully…

Daun hempedu bumi 2

In Chinese (Hokkien), we say “ching pui“, meaning very fat or very fertile.

After reading that article about what is happening in Thailand, I am inspired once again to go back to my daily ritual and yes, I  have been plucking those leaves every morning now and drinking the tea.

I seem to notice evidences of flowers and seeds appearing which, I’m afraid, is not a good sign. When there is too much of these, those plants will not thrive so well and it will be difficult to find big succulent leaves for my morning tea. The only consolation is I’ve seen new plants sprouting out elsewhere so hopefully, there will not be a break in the chain and fingers crossed, I will not run out of those leaves eventually.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “I’ll try anything…”

  1. Wow! So it seems to work according to the Bloomberg article. Good that you have them in abundance! * Thumbs up *

    Yes, so very thankful that I have them. Will keep drinking every day.

  2. I don’t mind to drink as tea if it has good benefits, of course in moderation and not excess. Is it bitter in taste?

    Yes. it is very very very bitter but after drinking it for so many years, I do not feel it anymore and yes, it must not be taken in excess. My friend told me about her friend in Sarikei whose high blood pressure shot sky high so they gave him to drink…so much that he fainted. At the hospital, they could not find his bp at first…and only found it later down at the bottom, so very very low!

  3. I used to take this what the Chinese called 穿心莲 chuan xin lian. Thanks for the blog post. Time to get some to start taking again.

    Yes, I got lazy and besides, the plants in my garden were not doing well, lots of flowers and seeds, no new ones sprouting so I stopped taking for quite sometime. Now, it is flourishing, growing everywhere so I can resume my good habit, a mug a day.

  4. Perhaps just pluck all the flowers? Then you leaves would get their nourishments. 😀

    I will do that when I’ve filled up the bottle, almost there.

  5. I have heard of this plant, Hempedu Bumi, and apparently it is good for the liver or something like that. My dad planted it once and it spreads all over like weeds. LOL!

    Yes, it grows out of control when it wants to, otherwise it will just disappear when it pleases. Cannot transplant, it is not cooperative! The Sarawak Herbal Society published an article about it, good for everything except cancer…will not cure but growth is minimised.

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