In my recent posts, I mentioned how I was plucking my butterfly pea flowers all along the fence at the back of my house and giving them to my friends at Payung and also to another friend who said she wanted them.

Somebody commented somewhere that I could make tea with them as they would be good for my eyes. Well, I have no problem with my eyes, not dependent on glasses still even at 68 going on 69 but anyway, I went and googled and came across this link that listed the health benefits of these flowers

Health beenefits of the butterfly pea flower

I also read somewhere that I must pluck the flowers or else they will wither and grow seeds and the leaves will not grow well. No wonder I noticed that my plants were not looking too good, all the dead vines, all dried up, with lots of seeds dangling from them. Ever since I have been plucking them every day and drying them…

Butterfly pea flowers, ready for drying

…the leaves have started to grow pretty well and generally, it is looking good again. Another thing that struck me is how after plucking all the flowers in a day, they would bloom with a vengeance the very next day and I would be getting more and more!

According to my friends at Payung, they could keep them in the fridge for a few days but I guess because I have been sending a whole lot to them every day, I heard they have resorted to boiling them in water to get the colour and storing that for use eventually when they cook their nasi kerabu. They probably can use them to brew tea to serve to customers but at a terrible time like this in our current deplorable situation, around 100 cases a day, I don’t think they will have a lot of customers dropping by.

My cousin in Brisbane grows these flowers too and she says that she stores them in the freezer and takes out the number she needs to boil. She says that by boiling, one will get a bluer than blue colour and it will kill whatever toxins there may be.

To dry the petals, I would pull out the middle part…

Remove middle part

I read somewhere that that part should not be consumed. My missus said she saw online that some people may be allergic to the pollen in that part of the flower and that is why, nothing too serious. Having done that, I would arrange the petals nicely as in the above photograph to dry. If I just dump them all in a basket and put them out in the sun, they would all stick together in clumps and it would be hard to pull them apart.

I don’t know how much they are selling this at the market but I did see at a supermarket here once these dried petals being sold in small packets of 300 gm each for RM13.50. Needless to say, at the time, I was shocked by the fact that it was so expensive. However, after drying all the flowers I plucked for around a week, I can now understand why – after all this time and effort, I have only managed to collect this much…

Dried butterfly pea flowers

It is such a chore but I guess good things don’t come easy.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Benefits…”

  1. Wow! You are a professional now when it is about bunga telang. Did you boil them to see what is the blue colour that you will get?

    No, so far I just add boiling water, blue enough. But if you add lemon or lime, it will turn purple. That is how they come out with those “magic drinks” – they serve it in layers – blue, yellow and clear and when stirred, the colours will change.

  2. Wow, I never knew this dried bunga telang fetch such a good price. I have a plant long time ago and it grows so well and creeping all over the fencing. Unfortunately it has to give way due to extension of kitchen and car porch. At the age of 69, most people have “lau hua” or cataract. You have great eyesight.

    Yes, all my senses 100% – hearing, smell and taste too. Watch out for the last two – loss of those are symptoms of COVID-19, they say!

  3. Maybe soon you can start business of plucking and selling this. Haha. I did not know it has such health benefit. I love looking at the beautiful vibrant flowers though.

    Stay safe. Sibu on MCO starting today.

    Yes, but number of cases dropping drastically yesterday. I was expecting that to happen once all the test results from that Pasai Siong Cluster have come out. They have already closed the test centre at the indoor stadium, just the drive thru there. Fingers crossed, it will keep on dropping till we can be green again!

    So now you know the health benefits, go plant your own.

  4. Yes. They are quite expensive. Perhaps you could start selling them. 😀

    This blue butterfly pea reminds me of my late grandma.

    Why? She planted them or she used them in making nyonya kuihs?

  5. My buddy Jose passed me some of these blue butterfly pea petals last time and I just add boiling water and make drink with them.

    Jose? Filipino? I like Filipinos, they’re very friendly.

  6. I have harvested three butterfly pea flowers from my balcony garden. A few more years I might have enough for a cup of tea!

    You do not need that many to make a cup of tea. Do you have mint? That will enhance the flavour.

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