My sister celebrated her 60th birthday yesterday, the 13th of January, 9 years my junior. If I am not wrong, there was another one in between us but sadly, my mum had a miscarriage.

No, she did not have a grand celebration, not at a time like this but over the weekend, she did get us and also our paternal aunt and her family over to her house for a little get-together.

We ordered a cake specially for her…

Birthday cake from Marcus

…from Marcus, no less. She said that every year, when he was still around, fit and able, our father would call Marcus himself to order a cake for her and on the actual day, at exactly 3.00 p.m., he would drive over to his house to get it.

She ordered a few dishes from this very old-school restaurant, going all the way back to the 60’s and 70’s, at least,  one of the oldest survivors  in town and one of the most popular when it came to catering for home parties at the time and of course, she specially asked for the fried mee sua (longevity noodles) with the golden eggs…

mee sua with eggs

…by the side.

I did not take snapshots of all the dishes but I would say that they were all very nice including this braised pork leg…

Braised pork leg

Of course, I have a weakness for that and yes, I enjoyed it to the max.

There were around 8 dishes altogether and we decided to have it buffet-style instead of a sit-down dinner so we could take the food and sit some place in the big house to enjoy eating – that way, we could ensure there was physical distancing the whole time.

I must say that I enjoyed all the dishes that night and the cake, of course. A very Happy Birthday once again to my sis, may God bless you with a wonderful year ahead and many more awesome birthdays in the years to come.

SIONG LOKE YONG RESTAURANT (2.311051, 111.831036) is located in the Dewan Suarah area of shops, off Jalan Melor, a stone’s throw away from the SESCO Customer Service Centre there, to the left of Jen Pharmacy. 

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9 thoughts on “Sister…”

  1. Sir, would you mind to share Marcus’s contact number? Have been asking around on social media but no one seems to know him. Thanks in advance

    I had this in an earlier post = copy & paste it somewhere:
    You can order a special homemade MARCUS’ CAKE via telephone at 084-311333 and collect it on the day at the time agreed upon from his house at No. 6B. Lorong Delta 3, Delta Estate (2.305015, 111.826185).
    Take note that he’s very particular about the time, Must be punctual in going to collect, never go early!

  2. Happy birthday to your sister. May God bless her with good health and happiness and many happy returns. Marcus’ cake! I miss it. And Siong Loke Yong is still around!

    Thank you. Marcus’ Cake, second to none. Yes, when my dad was still around, he used to tapao food from that restaurant – he liked some of their dishes like the sea cucumber soup, for instance.

  3. Marcus’ Cake is close to my house in Sibu. Braised pork leg with steam white bun, yum yum.

    Oh? You stay in that elite area, eh? Hmmmm!!! LOL!!!

  4. Happy Blessed Birthday to your sis….🎂🎉🎊🎈… That was indeed a wonderful celebration. Fried mee sua with golden eggs looks good.

    Thank you. All the dishes we had that night were very good even though the restaurant is run by their 3rd generation now, if I am not mistaken. Nothing really fancy, nothing elegant and classy…good ol’ dishes that we used to love and still do!

  5. The fried mee sua (longevity noodles) with the golden eggs look really interesting. 😀

    Like Chinese New Year. Ha 😀

    You don’t have mee sua for birthdays?

  6. Such a pretty cake. Happy Birthday to your sister.

    Thank you. Our favourite cake in town, goes back a long long way – the guy is probably in his 50’s or 60’s now…and he does not seem to have an apprentice. Doesn’t look like we are going to enjoy anything like this again once he retires.

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