My good friend/ex-classmate, Robert and his wife, Angela, kept telling me that the croissants from those chicken pie people

Hiestand mini French croissants

…were very nice and encouraged me to go and buy to try. They said they were very light with thin, crispy and flaky layers unlike many that we can find at many bakeries here in Sibu – they only look like croissants but the similarity ends there.

I am not particularly fond of that supermarket as it is very popular and more often than not, there are a lot of people there. Yes, they are very strict with the SOP when you enter and also at the cashiers’ counters. However, it is not a very big place and inside, it is a free-for-all. I cannot stand people who cannot wait their turn, wait for me to take what I want and move on. They would cast all physical distancing to the wind and simply edge up close to you to see/get what is on the shelves. Sometimes I had that urge to take off my mask and purposely cough in their faces, silly nincompoops!!!

My missus would drop by at least once a week and usually, my girl would tag along. That day when they bought the Australian PAMPAS brand filo pastry (and also their shortcrust pastry) there, they also bought a pack of the aforementioned croissants…


…four in a pack.

They took two and heated them up in the oven and tried and yes, they loved it a lot and were praising it to the skies! I did not bother and after a few days, it got them wondering as to why I did not go and eat the two left in the fridge.

Well, I am not into eating them straight, just like that and i did not want to waste them by eating them with just peanut butter and butter. In the end, I had them with some leftover luncheon meat fried with sliced onion and egg…

With Korean luncheon meat, onion & egg

Yes, the croissants were really very nice and so was the Korean luncheon meat.

My missus bought a tin from the Korean store affiliated to this supermarket and much to her delight, it was really very very good…and that’s not because she is so into anything and everything Korean. It has that lovely luncheon meat fragrance and taste and the best thing is it is not salty, unlike Porkies, definitely a whole lot nicer than SPAM.

I did not take a photograph of the Korean luncheon meat though but don’t worry. This was the second time my missus bought a can and I am very sure she will be buying some more. The next time around, I shall grab a can and cook and feature it specially in its own blogpost.

TA KIONG EMPORIUM (2.2933,111.82713,783) is located at No. 42-46, Jalan Tuanku Osman.

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “Light…”

  1. You are always the smarter one. Know how to add this and that to make the croissant looks so good. With the added luncheon meat fried with onions and eggs the croissants will taste a whole lot nicer, that is for sure.

    They’re nice as they are, very fragrant…but like pulut panggang, I would not want to eat it on its own. The ladies like it like that.

  2. Korean luncheon meat? Ok that’s something I want to try. 😀

    They say you can order via Shopee and it is cheaper than the prices we pay here, daylight robbers, cutthroats!!!

  3. I used to buy the croissant from Mas catering in Green Heights. Now, too far so hardly get to enjoy its buttery croissant.

    The mini croisants at Aeon also good. The last visit (2 weeks ago), they did not have it. Kind of miss it

    Long ago, we had very nice ones at Giant, so cheap too!!! But then they stopped selling – maybe the guy making left. Anyway, no more Giant here.

  4. You are right. People don’t seem to give two hoots about social distancing and it pisses me off too. They are so casual about it and some take their own sweet time at the shelves, not sparing a thought for others waiting patiently for them to finish. The Korean luncheon meat you mentioned, is it Lotte?

    No Lotte on the can but I see it on the stocker, one of them… and one is Sajo luncheon meat. There is also Dong Won canned ham – that is very nice too. Missus bought fresh supplies, will blog about it soon.

  5. Oh, I must try the Korean luncheon meat since it is so tasty. Normally I buy Tulip or SPAM which is around 16-18rm now…

    These Korean ones are a bit cheaper but a lot nicer.

  6. Yup, I totally dislike it when ppl take social distancing for granted, they stand right behind u on escalators or come really close to u in supermarkets.

    Yes, I really wonder why they are like that. I am sure they are aware of the new normal. Not difficult to comply for the good of all.

  7. One of the best croissants I had was in Zurich, cant get enough of it. Its a common bakery item and available everywhere. Freshly made, buttery, soft and flaky, I wish travelling goes back to normal this year, its one of the things makes me go back to Switzerland, odd but true

    Zurich? Croissants are French, aren’t they? Bet you have nice ones in NZ, not here…just a couple of places. Elsewhere, they are bread shaped like croissants, not nice at all.

  8. I like my croissants light and buttery, my fren Jovy had croissant for breakfast at Starbucks the other day, would try it next time if hv chance. If I happened to try it, maybe will blog about it.

    Never tried at Starbucks, not sure if they have it here. Generally, all that I had at Starbucks were disappointing, even the coffee so I am not keen on going there…ever!

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