From afar…

My good friend/ex-classmate, Robert, stays on the other side of town, so very far away and needless to say, I hardly ever venture to that part of the woods.

I got a call from him one morning to confirm that I was home – well, I most certainly would be home these days as I would not want to venture out unless absolutely necessary.

It turned out that his missus, Angela, made these lovely chai kueh

Chai kueh from Robert & Angela

…and they wanted to give me some to try. Gosh!!! She even went through the trouble of garnishing them with some fried chopped garlic – that, of course, brought the taste to a whole new level and she also made some delightful chili sauce to eat them with.

I tried one…

Chai kueh, inside

…for “the phototaking session” and that one had mangkuang/sengkuang filling with a hint of hay bee/udang kering (dried prawns) and it was so very nice!

What we did not know then…and we only found out later when we sat down to enjoy them for tea that afternoon…was that there were two types of filling – I think there was yam in the other one and yes, it was very nice too. Having said that, I would say that old habits die hard and we prefer the slight crunchiness of the mangkuang/sengkuang filling and its more familiar taste that we are more used to.

Thank you so much, Robert & Angela – that was so very kind and thoughtful of you two and thank you especially for  driving all the way from your house to mine just to send these to me, much obliged, really!

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7 thoughts on “From afar…”

  1. One of my favourite kuih. As for fillings, I love those with mengkuang +hay bee and salted veg with minced meat. So kind and thoughtful of the couple.

    I don’t mind without the salted veg – the rose-shaped ones I bought at the bakery had that. Prefer mangkuang with a hint of hay bee.

  2. I like chai kueh, especially those with mangkuang and tofu in it. The Hakka style. So nice of your friends to give you a pack. Yes, the fried garlic on top gives the kueh that extra flavour.

    With tofu, eh? Sounds like my popiah filling.

  3. chai kueh! i like these.. they make really good ones at my wife’s hometown in sg bakap, penang.

    Merry christmas, and a happy new year to you and your family .. as for me, i’m undergoing some depression over my day time job. Hopefully will get over it soon. 🙂

    Oh dear!!! Hope things will get better soonest, take care there. These are trying times. At least you have your handsome boys to cheer you up all the time.

    Never had the chance to try the chai kuih over at your side. So far, only the ones in Kuching and here, mostly quite disappointing.

  4. The chai kueh looks delicious and full of ingredients. 😀

    Yes, can’t beat own homemade. The commercial ones are mainly for the money, scrimp on the ingredients, not so nice.

  5. Ooh, they look lovely and the case looks soft yet just firm enough to manage the contents.

    Yes, some people are really good with their hands. I can imagine what mine will look like if I try making my own.

  6. With those fried chopped garlic and homemade chili sauce, it does bring the chai kueh to the next higher level. Slurps.

    So nice of Robert and Angela to send you these chai kueh.

    So blessed to have such wonderful friends.

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