Never ending…

When it comes to instant noodles, you can find a never ending array of choices that you really do not know which to pick.

Well, if it is the packaging you are looking for, you may be attracted by the psychedelic colours of this one…

Myojoy mee goreng Thai tom yam flavour

I may be wrong but at one time, I was under the impression that this was a Japanese company and I did like some of their instant noodles before. Perhaps, this Singapore company…

Singapore product made in Indonesia

…has bought it over and no, they do not make them in that little red dot – this is made in Indonesia.

I did blog about some of their other flavours and varieties that we did enjoy before like this one and also this one but we did not see this one before so our guess is that it is probably new.

Inside this one, you can find the noodles and two sachets…

Myojoy noodles and sachets

…one with the seasoning and the other with the fragrant oil.

I boiled the noodles till cooked, emptied the contents of the sachets onto a plate, drained the noodles and tossed well with the ingredients provided, garnished with a sprinkling of chopped spring onions from my garden and served…


I also had some leftover deep-fried breaded chicken chop slices and I fried an egg to go with it.

Yes, it was very nice. I loved the pleasant Thai tom yam flavour, slightly sourish, not overwhelming, not too strong – just right. However, I did not think it was spicy at all even though they did state that on the packet.

My girl bought a pack of this from the supermarket near our house and she cannot remember the price. Of course, being from Singapore, it would be more expensive than our Malaysian or the Indonesian ones, cheaper than the Korean ones, that’s for sure!

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