Live to regret…

I’ve been to this commercial area many times already and I’ve eaten at a lot of places there but for no particular reason, not at this food court…

Unicity Food Court

This is not a big area but there is a hotel and a university hostel, a supermarket and a Mr DIY outlet, a bakery and a pizza place, lots of coffee shops and two food courts and this is one of them.

For want of something to do that morning, I went roaming around there and decided to go and check it out. Nothing seemed to appeal to me except this porridge stall…

Unicity Food Court porridge stall

…that sells nothing but porridge in various combinations. The bubur tiga rasa (RM7.00), bottom extreme left, looked rather appealling so I decided to give it a try. I placed my order and sat down to wait. There were not so many people around, no problem keeping my distance from everybody else – I picked a table along the corridor, the very last one in the far end, not far from the stall.

While I was waiting, I saw the girl serving two bowls of her porridge to some other customers and I couldn’t help noticing that she was using those horrendously brightly coloured plastic bowls! I went over to talk to the girl but she was conversant only in Mandarin and she insisted it was not plastic. She did tell me a name in Mandarin, two characters but unfortunately, it was Greek to me. Maybe she was telling me it was melamine in which case it may not be all that safe either. I did not bother to argue with her, a duck talking to a hen, so telling myself that this would be the first and the last time I would come for her porridge, I just went back to my seat and waited to be served.

I must say I was rather disappointed when it…

Unicity Food Court bubur tiga rasa 1

…came. It looked kind of plain, nothing like what I saw in the photograph.

The minced meat porridge was all right – there are others elsewhere a whole lot nicer, like this one, for instance and I am no fan of those supermarket factory-produced fried shallots…

Unicity Food Court bubur tiga rasa 2

…plus I was thinking that a sprinkling of a little bit of chopped spring onion would give it a bit of colour and make it look more presentable.

All in all, I would say it was all right, edible but not anything to shout about. Honestly, I should have gone to the other food court a stone’s throw away and have their porridge instead but I didn’t and yes, I live to regret it. I do not know if theirs is any nicer or not but at least they serve it in a claypot, not in a PLASTIC bowl.

UNICITY FOOD COURT (2.342786, 111.831480) is located at No. 16-18, Lorong Wawasan 9A in UniCity.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Live to regret…”

  1. That miserable looking porridge for RM7? Food in Sibu is pretty expensive now. I read from my friend’s posts that the tieh-pian at that food court is very nice.

    Yes, I would say this was VERY expensive. Let’s say the eggs are RM1.00 each (though raw egg is around 30 sen only), plain meat porridge (and a not very nice one at that) shouldn’t be more than RM3.00, so RM6.00 ain’t as bad. RM7.00 is really pushing it!!!

    I did see some guy frying stuff at one corner, did not go and see. I saw some steamed pao’s in the steamer there…yellow skin!!! Did not get me curious enough to go and buy to try!

  2. Pissed me off when I saw those using coloured plastic bowls for putting hot stuff, same as bak Chang using nylon string to tie. Not worth your RM7.00 to have that bowl of miserable looking porridge. Grrrrrrrr……

    Not even worth a more reasonable price of RM5-6 as it was not nice – will never go back there again!!!

  3. Maybe it would have tasted better if it’s in claypot 😀

    No, the young girl would need to try harder on the base – the meat porridge. It was, at best, just all right.

  4. I agree with you that the addition of chopped spring onion will definitely elevate the whole bowl of porridge. Too bad.

    Just a bit, no need for a lot. That will do the trick!

  5. Not worth the price of rm7. Here in our neighbourhood hawker centre, the stall selling porridge serves their porridge in ceramic bowls.

    Good for you. Here too, elsewhere…except at this young girl’s place…and she even wanted to argue it’s not plastic. So pissed off!!! Dunno elsewhere, have not been going round much eating this.

  6. I despise plastic too – especially those horrid colours.

    Wait till you see one place here, all plates and bowls, chopsticks and spoons in a striking yellow colour…and they actually have chairs to match! Locals call it “yellow chair shop”.

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