You’re so sweet…

My 68th birthday on 2nd December fell on a Wednesday and my girl had to go to school in the morning. That was why we did not have our Foochow longevity noodles…

68th birthday longevity mee sua

…the mee sua served in traditional Foochow red wine and ginger chicken soup in the morning. We had that for lunch that day.

My girl insisted that we went out for dinner that night and the mum did order a cake from Marcus to be collected at 4 that evening. Other than that, we did not have anything planned for the rest of the day.

My cousin in Cheras, Selangor sent me a birthday card…

Birthday card 2020

…a week earlier but it arrived a day late, on the 3rd. It’s the thought that counts, of course, thank you for that and for the effort too. She also sent us a Christmas card – now, that one sure arrived way ahead of the festival towards the end of this month.

I remember my special birthday celebration at my dear friend, Mary‘s out-of-this-world Thai restaurant and the one we had for my girl was no less stunning. Too bad the restaurant had to close – it’s been a while now but that did not stop Mary from coming out with something special for my birthday. She and her girls made this beautiful apple pie…

Apple pie from Mary & her girls

…and went through the trouble of sending it to my house! Gosh!!! I never had an apple pie this nice before, honestly! It was so so so good, as gorgeous as the ladies who made it, thank you all so much!

I truly am so blessed, praise the Lord!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “You’re so sweet…”

  1. Yeah, like I always said, you are indeed truly blessed not only with food but with kind and nice people and friends around you. Such a lot of goodies and they all look so good. That bowl of mee sua makes me drooling.

    Yes, that sure makes blogging worthwhile! I wish there are more like you who will always comment – otherwise, it is like talking to the wall. Blog on something, nobody responds, nobody says anything. I guess that is why I see many nice interesting blogs, very stunning photographs but they all do not last very long, many just a few months.

  2. Although i seldom leave any comment, i still read your blog EVERYDAY.

    Thank you so much, one of the 500 or so every day. LOL!!!

  3. Truly blessed STP! I think you should start live on Facebook talking about anything under the sky.

    Move away from food, eh? But I find that is the main draw. When I blog about other things, not food, the number of views plunge. I wonder how they know there is no food on certain days. LOL!!!

    1. Of course food also! You are my food directory. Whenever I go back to Sibu, I go to your blog to decide what to eat! Thanks!

      That’s the whole idea. Free advertisement. These days, I’m more into what’s cheap and nice.

  4. Yes, Arthur, you are truly blessed with kind and generous people around you…

    Yes, I must have done something good in my previous life to deserve such blessings.

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow! Lucky you! So blessed to be sent an apple pie!

    I still have my birthday cake (tomorrow’s post) in the fridge. So much to eat. LOL!!!

  6. Wow…delivered right to your doorstep the apple pie. Wish someone could send one for me too. LOL 😀

    Guess you are blessed in many other ways.

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