Love me like the first time…

The first time I had durian pancakes was way back in 2009 when I chanced upon them at a stall at Sungai Wang in KL. It sure was love at first bite and I loved everything else that they were selling at that stall, the Swiss roll and the cream puffs. I can’t remember if I had them again but if I am not wrong, eventually, they had a stall at Mid Valley too and my missus did go and feast on them whenever she had the chance.

I don’t know why they are called pancakes when technically, they are actually durian cream wrapped in crepes…

Durian pancake

…something along the same line as our kuih lenggang or what is usually called kuih ketayap

Kuih lenggang

Well, we cannot get them here and we are not allowed to bring them on board when we fly so we have no choice – either we eat them to our hearts’ content while in KL or we do not get to eat them at all.

Needless to say, we were so delighted when my good friend, Lim and his missus dropped by our house to pass us two packs of these durian pancakes…

Durian pancakes, a pack of 4

We did not ask them so we do not know where they got those from. Probably they were homemade – I did see these people in Sarikei advertising them on their Facebook page (and they sure got it right – they call them crepe durian) so perhaps they got them from there.

Yes, we all thought they were really very nice…

Crepe durrian, inside

The skin/crepe was not quite as nice as the ones we had in KL but the cream, with the fresh durian inside, was absolutely out of this world.

Thank you so much, Lim and Mrs. for remembering us and getting us some to enjoy!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Love me like the first time…”

  1. So nice of the Lim couple! I like this durian dessert and it has been quite a long time since I last ate them, more than 10 years. Need to google to find the shops that sell them.

    The last time we were there, the stall at Mid Valley was going strong and so was the Lulu one, selling nyonya kuihs. Yes, they’re very nice people – busy with their growing up family and their work and with the pandemic, we hardly get to meet these days.

    1. Now those stalls are no longer in Midvalley Mall I would think.

      Oh? Been a number of years – we were last there when we went for my girl’s graduation/convocation, some 7-8 years ago. Time flies!!!

  2. One of my favourite. Anything to do with durian I love it as I am a durian lover but unfortunately not tempoyak. At one time this crepe durian was a hit and everyone was posting on FB about it but now it seems to die off.

    Oh? You have them in Kuching? I didn’t know that, only know the ones in KL. Dunno where the Lim’s got them from.

  3. Oooh!! I have had durian crepes before and they are simply divine!

    Yes, the ones I had in KL were so good. A friend of mine went and tried and loved it so much. He bought 10 to bring back to Sibu but he was stopped at security at KLIA. He said they were all confiscated by them. I said he was so stupid – I would just sit there and eat all the 10 in their faces instead of letting enjoy the whole lot!

  4. Makes me wanna go buy a few of those durian “pancakes” right now too.

    You have them in Malacca? I know they have in KL, very nice!

  5. Wow.. so nice of your friends! Long time I did not eat this type of durian crepe though I miss the real fruit very much… I wonder when the season is coming…

    Season? I thought it is available all year round? Here, we can get Musang King and all the rest anytime, imported from your side but of course, I never buy, too expensive for the likes of me. I think those people here make durian mochi too with the fruit, dunno if those would be the unsold ones or what.

  6. My sis gave me durian truffle chocolate. I tasted one and I dont really like it. Weird. Haha. Still not acquired to durian by-products.

    But your friend’s durian pancake sure looked good.

    I think I had that before – did not like it either. I prefer it if they do not mix the durian taste with other stuff like chocolate, unadulterated. So far, I enjoy these, the durian ice cream from Payung and the durian sponge tall cake from Secret Recipe – but not their durian cheese cake, thank you very much. Durian and cheese, eyewwww!!!!!

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