Not so great…

I’ve also tried the nasi lemak (RM4.00)…

Happy Hours nasi lemak 1

…at that stall at Rejang Park where I had that most delightful bowl of Sarawak laksa that I really liked a lot but unfortunately, it did not get me all excited.

Despite the colour, the sambal was really very nice but I wouldn’t mind it a little bit spicier though. It did not look as red as the rest – probably a bit more chili will help and I did hear my missus saying that the dried ones would give it that much coveted shade of red.

The peanuts were freshly fried – some places resort to taking short cuts and use the canned or packet salted ones sold at the shops and supermarkets. Another plus point would be the fact that I got the whole egg – usually, they would give half only…unless it is a fried egg which, in fact, is not a  standard/authentic condiment to go with nasi lemak.

I saw in the photographs at the stall the cheap salted fish (RM2.00 a pack) that I really like a lot. I asked the girl and she said they had run out so she had given some fried ikan bilis (dried anchovies) instead. I did not bother to probe further but it seemed that you would get either one or the other, not both. I was thinking that she could easily have strolled over to Chai Hing or the Rejang Park wet market to grab a pack and fry and store in an airtight tin for use.

And now, the moment of truth – the rice!

Happy Hours nasi lemak 2

No, I’m afraid it was not lemak enough. I could detect the fragrance of the pandan but not the lemak-ness of the santan (coconut milk).

All in all, I would say that I did enjoy eating it, mixed with the sambal and everything else but no, you sure would not catch me rushing back for more.

HAPPY HOURS CAFE (2.307165, 111.837312) is located at one corner of the Rejang Park shops/commercial centre in that residential area, beside the volleyball stadium and the surau, facing the vast parking area there.