What I think…

What I think may not be the same as what you think and I am not obliged in any way to agree with what you think and vice versa. Many have been in disagreement over what he or she claims to be “the best” in town. That is why to play it safe, I would just say that something is my favourite which, of course, means that it may not be “the best“, by your terms!

For instance, if you ask the Kuching laksa connoisseurs in the state capital which they think the best one is, there will be a myriad of suggestions and frankly, it is the same with everything else – you will need to know where to go for the good ones and at the end of the day, I may not be all that fond of what you think is good…and there is no need whatsoever to get upset and start an argument over it.

Many will swear by the Sarawak/Kuching laksa here

Aloha Sarawak laksa

…but I have never been impressed by it and the last time we had it, the whole family, all of us agreed that it was not to our liking and we would prefer this one…

Thomson Corner Sarawak laksa

here. Of course, there are others here, there and everywhere that people will insist are “the best” – it can go on till the cows come home, I tell you, but there will never an end to this, really!

Well, I had this one…

Happy Hours Sarawak laksa 1

…the other day and I shared the photograph on Facebook with the caption, “Simply the best!” My bad! I liked it so much that it just slipped my mind that I should say it was my favourite, it was very good…anything but “the best“.

Actually, I was there one morning in July and I had the fat lady’s char kway teow. I did intend to go back for her mee sua in traditional Foochow red wine and ginger chicken soup and also the Sarawak laksa from the stall next to hers but I never did get down to it.

That day, I went to send something at the post office there and I decided to stop by the stall…

Happy Hours Sarawak laksa stall

…for a bite to eat. (Hey! That’s Uncle Roger’s favourite colour!!! LOL!!!) Actually, I had heard it through the grapevine that the Sarawak laksa was good and that was why I was looking forward to giving it a try.

I ordered the regular (RM6.00)…

Happy Hours Sarawak laksa, regular

…and the instant it was served, I thought it looked like the aforementioned favourite of ours. When I had a sip of the broth, it absolutely swept me off my feet. It was just as good, perhaps even a little bit better than the one we used to love so much.

Of course I was delighted as now I can always stop by here should I feel like having this – the other place is rather crowded even with the COVID-19 pandemic and the CMCO or whatever lockdown so of course, I have been avoiding it. Even if you go and tapao (take away), you will have to go through all that hassle of entering through the front, observing the SOP and making your way through the crowd to place your order and standing there waiting and I assure you, they do work at a snail’s pace sometimes. And no, you cannot whisper to the ladies through the back window either to get them to cook and pass to you without your having to actually enter the place. “Towkay cakap tak boleh!” they will tell you.

I did ask about the special (RM10.00) at this particular stall and she said it would be a bigger bowl and she would be using bigger prawns. However, I saw her taking out those frozen prawns sold in big packs at the supermarkets so of course, I did not want those, thank you very much.

HAPPY HOURS CAFE (2.307165, 111.837312) is located at one corner of the Rejang Park shops/commercial centre in that residential area, beside the volleyball stadium and the surau, facing the vast parking area there.