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I was back at my neighbourhood shop the other day, last Friday to be exact and the young boy asked me to buy some burgers (RM10.00 for a pack of 3)…

Zen Don Bin fish burgers

– he said it was fish and since it was our no-meat day, that would be just nice for our morning or afternoon tea.

That logo that looks like something from the movie, Mulan, sure needs no introduction. This is our Sibu’s own franchise – you can see their stalls here, there and everywhere at the coffee shops in town. Why, they even won an award…


…a couple of years ago in 2018.

The burger was not very big and I liked the bun…

Zen Don Bin burger, bun

…which is a lot more than what I would say about some foreign/overseas franchises here that use buns that would get sort of mushy or something like that upon eating and start sticking to one’s teeth. I am never fond of bread with that kind of texture.

Inside, there was an omelette…

Zen Don Bin burger, omelette

…and a somewhat very thin slice of fish fillet…

Zen Don Bin burger, fish fillet

I could not make out the taste of the fish but yes, I could detect that of the egg and on the whole, with the cheese or whatever dressing they used, I would say that it was pretty good.

Especially when we consider that it was only around RM3.30 each, so very much cheaper than those overrated ones, I really do not see any cause for complaint. Especially during these difficult times, I certainly would want to support our own local businesses – the fact that they are making these available at our neighbourhood shop is a pretty obvious sign that they are doing all they can to tide over all the trials and tribulations and make ends meet.

SWEE HUNG (2.316161, 111.840441) is located along Jalan Ruby, in the block of shops on the right – next to a hair salon at the extreme end…and on the other end, to the left is the Kim Won Chinese Medical Store and Mini-supermarket.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Support you…”

  1. That was a whole cheaper than the roadside burger. RM3. 30 with egg omelette, thin fish fillet and cheese. Worth to buy.

    Cheaper? I’ve not bought those roadside burgers for a long time but I do know they’re more than half the prices of those at the fast food franchises.

  2. I also prefer to support local businesses. Those burgers are very affordably priced.

    Not just affordable. Cheap if compared to all the rest. Best thing, of course, it was nice. I liked it!

  3. Well. that’s awesome, man, for you to support local businesses. For RM3.30, this is considered cheap. 🙂

    We have to do our bit – hard for them during these hard times, not much business.

  4. I like smaller burgers too, slightly small the normal size is good for me. It has been some time since I last had one.

    Me too, seldom go for burgers…usually noodles!

  5. This is one of the things I miss in Malaysia, sloppy burgers. Some people dont get it, but I love it

    They sure make up for their looks by their taste.

  6. You are so kind hearted to think of supporting these local businesses. Me too, see them no business, I feel sorry for them. The price is very affordable plus it tastes good, why not? Win win situation. They get to have their business and you get to eat nice and affordable burgers.

    I am blessed – I get my pension every month, my missus too. Not much but we get by. These people will have no income, no money if they do not have their savings to fall back on. Now they are allowed to withdraw their EPF which is bad – when they grow old, they will have nothing.

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