Give it all to me…

I think I did mention in an earlier post that my missus tried her hand at making chai kueh

Own homemade chai kueh

She did not have any problem with the filling, largely made up of sengkuang/mangkuang (turnip/jicama) and carrot but her first attempt at making the skin failed. Thankfully, she tried again and it turned out really well. We sure enjoyed the fruit of her labour and I dare say that hers can give all those outside a run for their money. Unfortunately, she did not mince her words when she said that it was terribly work-intensive and she would never want to make them again.

It certainly looks like I would have no choice but to go back to that bakery again whenever we feel like eating chai kueh. Of course, it is easier said than done as it seems that they are always sold out! An ex-student/Facebook friend shared some photos of the rose-shaped ones (with meat) and was grumbling that they were in no way shaped like chai kueh as he would know them to be. I told him about the ones with hay bee (dried prawns)…

Big Thumb chai kueh, hay bee

…and he went back the very next day to buy those. He mentioned in his Facebook page that he went after 8.00 a.m. and there were only two packs left.

That was why I decided to go early on Saturday morning, way before 8. The bakery was open but the counter was bare. They did not have any at the time. I went for a bite to eat and came back one more time. Much to my delight, I saw two plastic bags on the counter, one with 5 packs of the hay bee chai kueh and the other with 5 of the ones with meat. Of course I told the girl to give it ALL to me, RM50.00 altogether! The ones with hay bee are RM4.50 a pack and the ones with meat, RM5.50.

We had some that day and yes, it…

Big Thumb chai kueh

…was very nice and I kept the rest in Tupperware containers to store in the fridge so we can easily heat up and enjoy some other day.

No wonder they are all sold out so quickly. Obviously, the lady making them only sends over a limited number of packs. I was told that she does not send any on Sundays as the bakery opens late and opens for half a day only and on Wednesdays as well. That means you can only get them on Mondays and Tuesdays and on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

BIG THUMB BAKERY (2.293889, 111.826492) is located at No.71-73, Jalan Tuanku Osman.