There used to be a lady at the kampua mee stall in front at this coffee shop and I was there twice, at least. I can’t say I had anything memorable so of course, you did not catch me rushing back there for more.

Well, they have a new guy now and I had his stewed pork noodles (RM5.00)…

e-Cafe stewed pork noodles 1

…the other morning. Boy! It sure was very very good!

I did not plan on going there, actually. I was driving past and I saw that there was somebody new running that stall, a plus-sized guy…

e-Cafe new guy, kampua stall

…assisted by a skinny young boy so I parked my car and went to have a look.

I’ve had stewed pork or stewed pork rib noodles at a number of places like the one here, for instance, but I can’t say I was impressed. For one thing, I did not really enjoy the kampua noodles tossed in the stewed pork sauce. Somehow I did not think they were all that compatible and did not go too well together.

It was a totally different story here altogether though. What I saw in the photograph stuck to the stall looked so good that I simply had to order it to give it  a try. The guy used the flat variety of the noodles, what we call mee pok

e-Cafe stewed pork noodles, mee pok

…and it was really good! It was not exactly the same but I thought the overall taste was a little bit similar to the mee kua/mee sanggul that my mum used to cook at home for us to eat during our growing up years. I sure enjoyed that so so much!

I must say that the guy’s photograph that I saw looked very much nicer – I think there were bigger (and maybe more) slices of the stewed pork but this…

e-Cafe stewed pork mee 2

…was good enough. You can bet your bottom dollar that I shall be back for more soon or maybe I will try something else from that new guy!

e-CAFE (2.311913, 111.846213) is the first shop right behind Delta Mall, Jalan Pedada – the block a little to your left if you are coming out of the mall via the back entrance.