Ain’t nothing like it used to be…

It had been six months since I last had my car serviced in May, around 2 months later than the scheduled date because of the lockdown at the time and the service centre was closed. No, I do not follow the kilometre count as I hardly ever used it and now after two years plus, I’ve only managed to cover around 1,800 km. only.

Well, since I was in the vicinity, I decided to drop by this place that was so popular at one time for their giant freshwater prawn noodles. It was a Friday and I was abstaining from meat. Of course, I did not want those overpriced prawns so I had the fish, ikan tapah (wallago attu/helicopter catfish) instead…

Brother Sing ikan tapah noodles

The last time I had it was when I came here in 2015 with my friend who was teaching in a school upriver and his wife, now happily settled with a kid in Kuching. Looking at the old photographs, they do seem to be a lot more generous with the fish these days and the best part was despite the prices of things shooting sky high, it was priced exactly the same, RM12.00 a plate! I also loved how they were a lot more generous with the green vegetables unlike most of the places around here.

At one time, this place was always packed with people flocking here for the giant freshwater prawn noodles…

Brother Sing giant freshwater prawn noodles

…with prices ranging from RM30.00 upwards to RM50 and above depending on the size of those crustaceans. I guess the novelty has worn off…or maybe, it is because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That morning, there weren’t that many customers around, mostly seated on the pavement outside, less than 6 tables there altogether, I think…

So quiet

…and I only saw one  guy, with a lady, having the prawn noodles. They even had a dish of steamed prawns as well. Probably they were from elsewhere, back here to have a feast of the udang galah.

I did ask the lady how much a bowl of prawn noodles costs now and she said RM35.00, no more no less and no longer dependent on the size of the prawns. I guess they do not bother stocking up on those humongous ones anymore. I may come back for that one fine day or I’d ask for the moon mien version of the fish noodles…

Brother Sing fish noodles

It tasted great but the mee wasn’t quite the way I would prefer it, soft and having soaked in the sauce…but not overcooked and soggy or perhaps I would give the kampua mee a try. It looked rather good and my goodness, the serving was so generous that the mee was literally overflowing off the rim of the plate! That alone is something worth blogging about. LOL!!!

BROTHER SING SEAFOOD CAFE (2.278256, 111.838701) is located at No. 4H, Ground Floor, Lorong Aman 2, off Jalan Lanang, past its roundabout with Jalan Aman.

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7 thoughts on “Ain’t nothing like it used to be…”

  1. That bowl of noodles with ikan Tapah looks so good. Thumbs up for being generous with the greens. The fresh water prawn noodles is to die for.

    But prices of things going up, pork up by RM1 a kilo today. Gotta survive on my miserable pension, bank interest these days so small, might as well stuff my money under the bed…so I’m refraining from going for those freshwater prawns, never mind how nice. Can live without them, not a problem.

  2. Your plate runneth over! heh..heh… I love generous servings that can fill me up.

    Wait till you see the kampua mee. I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! LOL!!!

  3. That’s really a lot of fish! Sibu food is always the best!

    Yes, I couldn’t agree more! And cheap or at least, more affordable too! Quite disappointed during my trips to Kuching and Miri last year.

  4. I think seafood might be cheaper these days, considering not many people eat out… I seldom buy seafood from the market, I normally “tumpang” my friend to get them for me. So the kampua noodles is overflowing? Can’t wait to see that!

    That will be the day. The prices of things will go up and never come down!

  5. Wow 1800 km for 6 months do you use your car at all? for me it would be around 10k for 6 months, even better when I go to Europe I use around 15 to 20K in 5 weeks 🙂

    LOL!!! Correction, 1,800 for over 2 years…3 years in March next year!!!
    For one thing, Sibu is a very very small town – one song on the radio has not ended and you would have reached your destination already…and besides, I prefer to use my old car, can go anywhere, park anywhere, anyhow, more peace of mind.

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