La mer…

La mer is French, meaning the sea and if you are one of those who love anything that has what they call “the smell of the sea“, for instance, clam chowder or squid ink pasta, you should check this…



This brand sure needs no introduction as it has been around for a very long time. Long long ago, a student of mine asked me to go and try this very nice Korean noodles – I think it was this brand – so I went and bought one, RM2.00 a packet. Yes, it was very nice – the texture of the noodles and the taste as a whole were great, a cut above the rest and nothing like the spicy ones that have taken the world by storm today but it did take a while longer to cook. Of course, at that price, I never did go back to buy more, thank you very much.

All this while, I assumed it was a Korean product. That was why I was rather surprised to see so much Vietnamese words on the packet. Upon closer scrutiny, I saw that it is now made in Vietnam.

Well, my missus came home the other day with two packs of their noodles. My girl said there was some kind of promotion going on right now…and a few days later, the mum tried a packet of this one for breakfast and was praising it to the skies. The daughter followed suit the following morning and she too liked it a lot. Needless to say, not to be left out, the father simply had to try as well. LOL!!!

There are two sachets…


…inside with the noodles, one with the seasoning and the other with the dehydrated seaweed.

The instructions said that I would have to boil some water and cook the seaweed first to rehydrate it. I also threw in two of the fresh, sweet and succulent prawns that I had in the freezer and once done, I added the noodles and half of the sachet of the seasoning. I could smell the fragrance of the clam soup, that “smell of the sea”, while it was cooking and yes, I did put in a few Thai basil leaves from my garden too. Once done, I garnished it with a bit of chopped spring onion, also from my garden…

Clam instant noodles

…and served.

Yes, it was very nice. I think the next time I go back to that shop where I bought the oysters that day, I would buy their frozen clams – they do have those, just like the ones in the picture on the packet. I bet if we add those, it will bring the taste to a whole new level.

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8 thoughts on “La mer…”

  1. Wow, your home has varieties of instant noodles. Anything cook with prawns sure taste great. The soup looks a bit greenish. Is the noodles made of spinach or because of the lighting?

    Yes, the lighting – affected by all that green, the Thai basil and the spring onions.

    My missus stocks up a lot of instant noodles to eat, did not use to do that before the pandemic.

  2. Is this like a vietnamese product trying to be a korean? haha

    I did not check but when this brand first came out, it has all the range of Korean noodles. Probably moved their base to Vietnam for the cheap labour. Well, FYI, clam noodles is a Korean dish – 바지락 칼국수, not Vietnamese.

  3. I would have thought it Korean too due to the name Koreno. But if we looked closer, the other text sound Vietnamese. Clams would bring the noodles to another level!

    I guess they moved their factory to Vietnam for the cheap labour…like Toyota cars made in Thailand. Unfortunately, that has no effect on the prices – all these Korean noodles are so expensive. Singapore has their factories in Indonesia, that much I know. You can see on the packet or can – Product of Singapore, made in Indonesia. I guess not so feasible to have them in Malaysia.

  4. Your home is quite adventurous in trying all the different types and brands of instant noodles. The soup of this instant noodles must be sweet and delicious with the prawns added in.

    VERY! Dunno the price, would be good to stock up on a few packets if they are not expensive.

  5. I am so jealous of all the instant noodle types you can get over there

    I think a lot of people will buy. At the supermarts, there are whole sections of instant noodles…and these exclusive ones may be in a separate section for imported products.

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