Ever since…

The 2nd of November was All Souls’ Day so of course, we, together with my sister, went to visit my parents’ burial place to offer flowers…

All Souls' Day 2020

…and prayers. Like what we always did when we got back into town at around noon, we went for lunch first before heading on home.

Ever since that time when I first set foot on this place, I had always wanted to go back there for their too kha pui (pork trotter rice)…

Thanksgiving too kha pui

…and since that was the place we picked that day, I wasted no time at all in ordering that.

It was, by no means, cheap – that was RM19.00! The guy said that it would depend on the size of the trotter…

Thanksgiving pork trotter

…and prices might range up to around RM25.00.

I was all right with the price – after all, I had always wanted to try that and finally, I did. However, I would not say that it swept me off my feet – the ones my missus cooks at home would win hands down. It was nice albeit being rather watered down, unfortunately…and it was all skin and tendon, hardly any sign of any meat at all plus the sauce that came in a small bowl was so diluted, it could pass off as a soup!

My girl loved her pork ribs soup with their own handmade noodles…

Thanksgiving Cafe pork rib noodles

I had that the first time I was here and yes, it sure got my thumb of approval.

She also wanted the pan-fried shui jiao (pork dumplings)…

Thanksgiving shui jiao

She loved them the first time she came here and ever since then, she will always order those everytime she comes here. I did not have any – that platter I ordered for myself was big enough for me to handle but the mum had one and so did my sister – she finished off the rest all by herself! LOL!!!

My sister had the beef tendon soup with handmade noodles…

Thanksgiving Cafe beef tendon soup with handmade noodles

…while my missus had the same soup but with yellow noodles…

Thanksgiving Cafe super spicy beef tendon soup with yellow noodles

…and she asked for hers to be super spicy so it came across something like that infamous mala hotpot favourite.

Other than the pork trotter rice, I did not take note of the prices of all the other items but the total came up to around RM81.00 for the four of us, inclusive of drinks. We felt that was a delightful enough lunch, the place was air-conditioned and not crowded, comfortable enough and we sure wouldn’t mind going back there again sometime.

THANKSGIVING DINSUM CAFE (2.321373, 111.839286) is located at No. 12, Ground Floor, Lorong Teng Chin Hua 1, in the block of shops right behind the Sing Ang Tong Kindergarten/Methodist Church.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Ever since…”

  1. All looks so good. I love what Mel has. Like the nice blue bowl too.

    Yes, I love the crockery they use here. That ceramic bamboo mat plate can get rather noisy though, the fork and spoon on it, LOL!!! Generally, food here is pretty good. Their beef noodles the favourite of many, Taiwan style.

  2. Pity the pork trotter did not swept you off your feet. But it sure looked tempting. Once in a while, such treat and price are alright.

    I would love the pork dumplings too.

    It was good, just that my missus does it better. My girl loves the dumplings here.

  3. All skin and tendon, hardly any sign of any meat at all, not for me then, I prefer my pork trotter with more lean meat hee hee. Such lovely flowers to offer to your late parents, who are in loving memory.

    Well, if you have gone all the way down to the trotter, of course there is hardly any meat. No fat either. Go up a bit and there will be meat for you to eat…and of course, all the fat too!!!

  4. Yup that trotter indeed look meatless

    Have to go higher for the lovely meat and fat – this lower part, just skin and tendon but they say it’s all collagen, stay looking young!

  5. All Souls’ Day, Day of the Dead and Halloween all happen around the same time. Must be something in that.

    The Chinese have Ching Ming usually around the middle of the year. Some Christians/Catholics of Chinese descent observe both.

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