I don’t even know your name…

This coffee shop…

Lian Kiew Cafe

…has been where it is like forever and I’ve driven past a thousand and one times but I did not even know its name until that morning when I went and took the above photograph.

All I could say about it is that it is always very crowded and I did hear people telling me that something there, can’t remember what now, is very good. I did buy the roast meat from the guy running that very popular stall in front but that was when he was at a coffee shop round the corner facing the left side of the bank.

Well, other than the fact that it is always crowded, it is located in a very congested part of town. Not only would it be near impossible to find a place to park your car, that road would be so terribly jammed with cars, double or even triple-parked while the selfish, inconsiderate owners dash into the bank directly opposite to get some cash or do whatever business…and they would not give two hoots that their cars are blocking someone’s way and there is a long queue all lined up waiting to go through. That is why if I can help it, I would take an alternative route and not drive this way.

I happened to be in the vicinity early, before 8.00 a.m. on Saturday morning, not a working day, and I noticed there were very few people there and ample parking spaces were available at the back of the block of shops. I was torn between a few places and in the end, I decided to take the opportunity to check this one…

Rest days

…out as I had never been there before.

Other than the aforementioned roast meat stall on the right, there is a kampua mee stall on the left and a dim sum stall behind it, followed by another stall – there are no signs, no photographs, nothing and I did not bother to ask.

The chu char stall is right at the back. An old man was taking orders and waiting at the tables while a young man, probably the son, was doing all the cooking. I saw they were selling or koi (fried Chinese yam cake)…

Or koi 1

…at 50 sen a piece so I asked for one to try. Yes, it wasn’t too bad, not white…

Or koi 2

…not jelly-like and wobbly like some that have way too much flour and too little yam. However, I did not think it was anything to get excited about so no, I did not bother buying any to take home.

The waitress asked if I wanted a drink and said they had their own-made barley and green bean. I asked for the latter (RM1.80)…

Green bean drink

…hot – I have been refraining from taking ice-cold drinks for a while now and much to my delight, it was sugar free! They do give some sugar on every table for customers who are thus inclined.

I ordered the Foochow fried noodles special, the moon version (RM10.00)…

Foochow fried noodles special, moon

…but no, I would not say I was impressed. The liver was overcooked till hard and not palatable and the intestines and whatever thrown in were such a chore to chew that in the end, I just left all of them by the side. Other than the fact that it is RM2.00 cheaper, I would say this one here is so much better on all counts.

To be fair, I would say that it tasted pretty good and since that nice one is on the other side of town, I wouldn’t stop anyone who would choose to go and eat here – just don’t order the special! Frankly, I don’t think it’s worth it!

LIAN KIEW CAFE 聯僑茶室 (2.292670, 111.826209) is located along Lorong Tunku Osman 2, opposite the Public Bank branch there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “I don’t even know your name…”

  1. The fried or kuih looks good and goes well with Thai chili sauce. I love both drinks, barley and green beans.

    I think that was the problem – I was not given any chili sauce with it.

    A number of restaurants here have those – own-made soya bean or barley or green beans or all the above.

  2. Make me craving for or koi now. Haha. I usually eat like that. No need sauce or dipping.

    The good ones, ok. Some will need sauces to enhance the taste…but no…no…no!!! #staysafe #staywell #stayhome Kuching a red zone now, no need to go here, go there!

  3. You just reminded how long since I last had a good piece of yam cake, now I wonder where I can find them..

    I can’t say we have any here that is to die for unless we make our own, just some pretty ok ones, not anything to get excited about really.

  4. ooo, chewy liver and intestines sound like a no-no … we definitely want our liver as tender as possible! 🙂

    Not going back there, that’s for sure…and that’s not just because it is always so crowded. The stall was surrounded by all that clutter, all kinds of things including a tower of egg trays that would put the Petronas twins to shame! Such a mess, an utter disgrace. I can imagine the rodents and cockroaches crawling out at night to hide under all that stuff. Disgusting!

  5. I just had plain ccf that day, very tasty with the sweet sauce. It reminds me of or koi. In sg, ccf and or koi always come together plus chwee kueh.

    ccf like or koi? Gee!!! Your Singapore or koi must have had a lot of flour used in the making and your ccf is not as smooth and fine.

    1. Nope, i meant they serve ccf, or koi and chwee kweh tgt in one stall, not ccf like or koi.

      The plain ccf i had was smooth, silky and tasty 🙂

      Ahhhhhhhh!!! I see! I didn’t get what you mean. That was why I was puzzled.

  6. I jusr had plain ccf that day, very tasty with the sweet sauce. It reminds me of or koi, they usually sell these three together, ccf, or koi and chwee kueh. Have you tried chwee kueh before?

    Yes, but can’t say I’m a fan.

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