Just when…

A very Happy Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節), also known as The Lantern or The Mooncake Festival, to one and all.

As the day drew near, I saw a lot of my friends making and buying and selling and giving away and receiving all those lovely mooncakes and just when I was resigned to my fate – that I would not be getting any this year – my friend, Yan, sent word that she would be sending me something via her colleague here, also my friend.

Truly, I was stunned when I saw what she had sent me…

Box of mooncakes from Yan

The box looked so elegant, so exclusive but then again, it was exclusive all right. I believe Yan made those mooncakes herself to give to family and friends and I sure was flattered and thankful that I was included in the list.

There were four mooncakes inside, all truly evident of the fine and delicate craftsmanship that went into the making…

Four in a box

They included two of these…

Mixed nuts 1

…the mixed nuts ones…

Mixed nuts 2

…that we never liked when we were small. I guess we were not so into nuts then and those at the time had bits of fat and whatever inside. These did not have any inside, generally all nuts…

Mixed nuts 3

…and yes, they tasted great! After all, we do enjoy nuts very much these days so we would buy them quite often to munch and boy, they sure do not come cheap, not at all.

The other two, I believe, were what they call Shanghai mooncakes…

Red bean 1

…the red bean ones…

Red bean 2

…that actually had one whole salted egg yolk inside…

Red bean 3

Yum! Yum! That was so very nice too!

Thank you so so much, Yan, for these lovely mooncakes – it sure is so thoughtful and generous of you and thank you too for remembering this old friend of yours – just when I had given up all hope of getting any mooncakes from anybody this year. A very Happy Mooncake Festival and may God bless you and all your loved ones on this auspicious day and every day in the year ahead. Cheers!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Just when…”

  1. Indeed a true blessings from your friend when you were just about to resign from your fate.. Very nicely done and packed. Hope you enjoy them. I prefer pure lotus, pandan and red bean paste.

    Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you and your family.

    Thank you, and the same to you.

    Enjoy your mooncakes! It’s only once a year.

  2. Happy Mid-Autumn to you and family!!

    I like the traditional one and snowskin. Not so crazy about nuts as too sweet for me.

    This one was just nice, not sweet…mostly nuts, unlike all that I’ve tried before. Not a fan of snowskin, like one kind of Chinese cake which I do not quite fancy.

    Wishing you and your family the same too.

  3. gorgeous mooncakes indeed – a work of culinary art! hope you had a great mid-autumn celebration – ours in kl was a wet, rainy, traffic-clogged one, hehehe 😀

    Oh dear!!! Lovely evening here, went out for a hotpot dinner – post on it coming soon.

    Yes, my friend said her daughter, my ex-student in my English tuition class, made them!

  4. Happy belated mooncake festival stp! The mooncakes sent by your friend yan look so exquisite that i would not bear to eat them lol.

    Yes, too nice to eat especially after all that effort to make them!

  5. The one with the egg yolks look good. 😀 I have yet to eat any with egg yolks.

    Gee!!! They’re available all over the place…but maybe not anymore since the festival is over. Maybe there are some on clearance, selling cheap!

  6. Oh gee, I like the look of that nutty inside.

    It was really good. Never liked the commercially-made and sold ones since young but after these, I was a new convert. LOL!!!

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