Best in the west…

That morning, when I had the fried kway teow with prawns and cockles here, I saw some nice colourful boxes placed on a table by the side. When I was done, I walked over to have a look.

They turned out to be products from this place in the west of the country, Penang, to be exact. It is listed among the 5 recommended places in this website to get your Penang local products. I saw they had the celebrated tambun biscuits and something else, I can’t quite remember now, either tau sar peah or heong peah. I don’t think it’s the latter as those would usually come in big foil packs, not small dainty boxes.

However, it was this box that caught my attention, the only one left…

Ban Heang

– their box of mooncakes…

Ban Heang mooncakes

It seems you can buy direct online from them…

Ban Heang details

…or via those online shopping websites like Lazada and Shopee. The thing is I got that box for only RM20.00 but it costs more online and if I am not wrong, the prices stated do not include shopping/postal charges.

The lady rattled through all the six different flavours of the mooncakes and I only managed to catch three – the one in the middle on the left was lotus paste…

Ban Heang mooncake lotus paste

…and on the right, there was or tao sar (red bean paste) at the top and durian…

Ban Heang mooncake, durian

…at the bottom.

That was why I shared the photograph of the mooncakes on Facebook to seek the help of all and sundry. The response was swift and I got all the information I wanted in no time at all. At the top on the left was the coconut and at the bottom, pandan/jade. The one in the middle on the right was white coffee.

Thankfully, they were inexpensive, quite affordable unlike the others that we get from the peninsula but generally, we were not impressed as most were rather hard and dry except for the pandan/jade. Surprisingly, the one that I thought I would like the least – the coconut and left till last turned out to be the nicest of the lot. The pandan-flavoured (green colour) grated coconut inside was not hard, not dry and tasted very nice.

The lady said this box was the last one but if anyone is interested in the other products from this renowned bakery in Penang, there were some still available at the time, dunno now.

BAN HEANG (M) Sdn. Bhd. (萬香餅家) is located at No. 200, Macalister Road in Penang and you may get some of their products here at GRAND WONDERFUL FOOD COURT (2.309601, 111.845163) which is located along Jalan Pipit, off Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai, on your left just before the Petronas petrol station a short distance from Delta Mall. You can also go in via Lorong Pipit 4, turning left into the lane at the junction where Starbucks Sibu is located and go straight ahead from there.

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6 thoughts on “Best in the west…”

  1. I like Cosway mooncakes, not overly sweet My favourite is pure lotus, pure red bean and golden pandan. Now, instead of pure lotus they have pure lotus with single yolk which is not to my liking and it cost a whopping price of RM 20.50/piece. RM15.90/piece for pure red bean, RM18.90/piece for golden pandan and RM22.50/piece for Assorted fruits and nuts, not cheap though. This year I buy pure red bean and golden pandan (2each) and got 25% off for purchase of any 4.

    My missus is a member and I did tell her about what you said about their mooncakes. Unfortunately, she said they were too expensive and was not keen on buying. Well, the truth is she’s not so into mooncakes…otherwise, no matter what price, she would surely buy!

  2. I see that they are not individually wrapped like the ones sold at supermarkets. Those would have labels so you know what the filling is. I have yet to buy any for myself. My favorite would be the pandan lotus paste and the one with nuts.

    Mixed nuts? Eyewwwwwww!!!! Since small, we never liked that so my dad never bought for us to eat.
    Yes, the pandan lotus one was very good – I had it second last, better than all the rest that came before but the coconut was the best!
    The local made ones here may be individually wrapped and labelled but they are all in Mandarin. I will have to get the seller to translate into Hokkien for me. These that I bought had the flavours embossed on the skin…in Mandarin so it was Greek to me!

  3. I just had a salted egg yolk lava mooncake from Hong Kong! So good! I like the experimental flavours.

    I think I’ve had quite enough of salted egg anything for the time being. Overkill!

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