Open it up…

Like it or not, we do stock up on quite a lot of canned food in our pantry and this is even more so with the COVID-19 pandemic and the  lockdown over the last few months.

Opening a can has never been easier as these days, with most of them, we can easily pull the ring on top to open it up. Unfortunately, there are still some canned products that do not come with that easy-to-open ring and I am very sure that in such cases, the day will come when many will not be able to open a can of whatever.

It so happened that the other day, my missus bought a loaf of sandwich bread and I decided I would make some sardine sandwiches for breakfast. I searched high and low for the can opener that I always used but it was nowhere to be found. Usually, I would use the one with handles to squeeze the blade into the side at the top of the can and then I would turn the screw to move it…

Blade and screw

…along the edge to open it.

When my missus got up that morning and I asked her, she said she had no idea what happened to it and insisted that she would only use this one…

Can & bottle opener 1

…whenever she had to open any cans. Horror of horrors! Don’t ask me to use that! At best, I would be able to use it to open a bottle, not a can.

There was this…

Can and bottle opener 2

…in one of the drawers in the kitchen cabinet and I am quite sure I would be able to use it though I have not done so for years and years now. In the end, I just abandoned the idea and had the bread with butter and kaya instead.

Later that morning, she rummaged through the drawers in the kitchen cabinet and found this…

Can & bottle opener description

That sure sounds good, doesn’t it?

Very impressive…


…I must say.

No, she did not buy it. After all, she does not use this kind of can openers and my girl didn’t buy it either – she hardly buys anything, least of all, a can opener. That rules everybody out except me and yes, there is every possibility that I bought it. I probably thought it was rather cute…

Can and bottle opener 3

…and that orange colour would stand out in a clutter of kitchen tools and appliances. It would be difficult to misplace it, I’m sure plus it was only RM10.50 each. Pretty cheap for something so nice, you reckon?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Open it up…”

  1. Why didn’t your wife open the can of sardines for you using the can opener that she says she always use?

    She watches Korean shows and dramas till late, doesn’t get up so early. I’m the only one in the house up and about by 3-4 a.m. in the morning.

  2. It does look cute if you ask me. 🙂 So now you will feel happier when you open your cans. 😀

    I am sure I shall be smiling away…like Smiley! LOL!!!

  3. I prefer the type that would turn the screw to move it along the edge to open it. The edges will come out smooth and nice. The old fashioned type (N0.3) in pix, the one we used in our growing up years is quite dangerous if you didn’t know how to handle it, may slip and cut your hand. The orange one is cute though.

    Yes, the orange one is the press and screw type that you like, just a cuter version. I like to use that type too. They say press the blade into the tin by the side and turn the screw – if on top, the metal from the cutting may drop into the food. I never bother – whichever side is good for me, as long as it is this screw type of opener.

  4. I threw away the one like in the third picture, it got rusty after some time.. now I am using something like the last picture but without the cute cartoon face.

    Yes, those old school ones will get rusty after sometime, must throw away! The one you are using now is the one I like, so much easier to use.

  5. ooo, i’m terrible at using a device to open anything, be it a can, a beer bottle or a wine bottle! 🙂

    I’m ok with all except the cork in a wine bottle! Will surely break it and leave half of it stuck inside.

  6. I am not able to use the can openers in your 2nd and 3rd photos. My mum can do it with ease with the 2nd one as that was the only type of can opener that was available when she was growing up.

    I guess I am not the only one. Hehehehehe!!! I could use the 3rd one before, dunno now as I have not done so for a very very long time.

  7. I remember my dad opening a can with nothing but a knife!

    Good grief!!! Yes, I have heard of people doing that too but no, don’t ask me to do it. I tried using the green one that my missus always uses and absolutely destroyed the can!!! In the end, I gave up!

  8. I have the one that removes the top cleanly from the seam, its safe too as there will be no sharp edges afterwards

    That’s good. This screw type does it like that too, not those old school ones.

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