Get out of my way…

When I was here last month and had the kampua mee special that wasn’t all that special – they just added a hard-boiled egg, I thought the guy at the other/new stall…

Delta, the other stall

…looked very familiar. It was only when my friend/ex-student mentioned it to me that I remembered – he was the guy at the kampua mee stall here, the one with the very nice dongquai soup! I also went back for his Sarawak laksa and it was very good too.

I felt like having his pek ting eyok (Eight Treasures) but he said he did not have it that day and added that his pek ting eyok too kha (pork leg) would be available the following day at RM6.00 a bowl – that was the sign in Mandarin at the bottom in the photograph.

He also had bitter gourd noodles, curry mee, pan mee and zha jiang mian but I did feel like having those. In the end, I settled for the mee sua in traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup (RM5.00)…

Delta Cafe, mee sua 1

…and yes, it was good.

Let’s start with the good things first! Of course I was delighted that it did not come in those horribly-coloured plastic bowls and after the guy had served it, he came back and poured a lot more of the red wine, one cup, at least., into the soup. It was not red – it was translucent golden orange, one of those better quality ones.

I loved the meat used, that of those better quality chicken that they call pua chai kay (mixed breed chicken) – the meat is firm, tastes nicer and is a little bit sticky. I would love to buy this type of chicken when I cook but unfortunately, the people in the house are not fond of the hoo-mo-nik (breast meat) and I would have to struggle to finish eating all of it over the next few days.

Delta Cafe, mee sua 2

The guy did not add any wolfberries (nor red dates) to his soup so it lacked the sweetness of these two ingredients but yes, I did enjoy it very much, just that I had to pick out all the bits of ginger in it – I am not fond of biting into it in anything that I eat.

After I was done, I spoke to the nice guy and he told me that the owner of the former coffee shop took the place back – it now has a different name – and he told him to get out of the way as he wanted to run the kampua mee stall himself. According to the guy, he said that there is a lot of money to be earned in selling kampua mee…but every day, when I drive past, I do not see any customers eating there.

He cannot sell kampua mee (with or without the dongquai soup) and Sarawak laksa as the existing stall there is already selling those. No worries, seeing how he has quite a lot to pick from, I certainly would go back again another day to try something else from his stall.

DELTA CAFE (2.312530, 111.847067) is the first shop in the block of shops immediately to your right when you turn left at the junction of the lane after Delta Mall, off Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai.

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7 thoughts on “Get out of my way…”

  1. My man also would pick out ginger from his food. I don’t mind it a bit. Lol.

    Cooked chicken soup last night, so this morning, we are having mee suah soup.

    Slurpssss!!! Oh? Is it a guy thing or what? I guess ladies would have had their fair share of ginger during confinement so they are quite used to it.

  2. I love pek ting eyok and was given to understand that only duck can be used for cooking this dish. Is it true? I have never eaten pek ting eyok too kha and guess the taste is more or less the same when cooked with other thing. Oh no, you don’t like to eat ginger? I love them heaps. Whenever I cooked ginger chicken or anything, I will finish all the ginger.

    I’m ok with ginger, just that I do not like biting into it. It is heaty, not good for “hot” people and I’m one of them but who cares!

    Traditionally,duck is used by the Foochows to cook pek ting eyok and yes, it is very very nice and no, it’s not the same. You go and cook phak lor kay or too kha and phak lor ark and you tell me they are all the same lah? No way!!! However, outside, you can only get chicken or pork leg, no duck. Maybe it is because it is expensive or many people do not eat duck – my missus is one of them.

  3. His mee sua in traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup looks weirdly enticing. Perhaps…the way it was presented.

    Guess this guy is a very good chef huh. Can whip out anything.

    I would say it tastes a lot nicer than it looks…and let’s just say that this guy is very experienced. Been around a long time.

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