I was at this food court here…

Grand Wonderful Food Court

…that day for something else and while I was there, one particular stall caught my attention.

Instead of photographs like all the rest, they had hand-painted pictures…

Calvin's Bakery, Grand Wonderful Food Court

…of the buns they were selling. As a matter of fact, never before had I come across a stall in a coffee shop or a food court selling nothing but buns, baked on the spot…

Chocolate Bun, Calvin's Bakery

No, I did not buy that chocolate bun but I did ask for a few of their garlic bread (60 sen each)…

Calvin's Bakery garlic bread

…which looked and tasted like my favourite here which made me wonder whether these two young guys at this stall were the guy’s apprentices before or they worked at the hotel where he was before he branched out on his own…or they came from the same baking school.

I also bought their polo buns (RM2.00)…

Calvin's Bakery polo bun

…to try. Believe you me, I did not know what that was but now I do – it is a type of sweet bread, very popular in Hong Kong, Macau and Japan. I asked the boys and one of them told me that it had milk butter filling inside…

Polo bun, filling

…and yes. I thought it was really nice.

I also grabbed two of their Mexican coffee buns (RM2.00 each)…

Calvin's Bakery Mexican coffee bun

…or what they call roti boy here in Malaysia. I used to love them so much and would buy on a regular basis but I had not done so for a long time now. Come to think of it, I do not see it much around these days – I guess it had done its time. Once it was so popular that everywhere you went, be it at a mall or some hawker centre, you would catch the fragrance of the coffee from the stall baking and selling them. I loved the coffee crust on top and inside the soft bun, there was that same milk butter filling as in the polo bun.

I certainly would want to go back again to see what else they have and I probably would want to try this next time, the one with all the melon seeds…

Calvin's Bakery melon seed bun

…that I did not buy that day.

Oh dear! I went back to the food court the following day as I did not buy enough to go round and was hoping to grab some more of the delightful buns. Much to my surprise, the stall was closed!!! I asked the lady at the next stall and she said that they had moved back – they were here only temporarily while their actual place, somewhere in the Medan Mall area, was under renovation…wherever that may be. Sigh!!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Painted…”

  1. As a butter buns lover, I am sure I will definitely go for the polo buns with milk butter filling and also the garlic bun. I love garlic bread too. Somewhere Green Road, to be exact Poh Kwong Park, there is a shop selling all kinds of buns and I used to drive all the way there just to buy the butter milk buns. Very very nice and they are so generous with the fillings. Now since Mita Bakery has butter milk buns and nearer to my area, I bought from there. Mita Bakery butter cake is one of my favourite too.

    I love Mita butter cake, like old school cake from long ago. I love this kind of old school buns too. These days, they have all kinds of cakes and buns and they are so expensive plus they are not really nice. That Korean cheese garlic bun I bought that day – the current trend, so popular, everybody seems so crazy about it – to me, it was not nice at all, better go eat kampua mee, still got change!!!

  2. The bread and buns that they sold are really cheap. 🙂 Look good.

    Yes, but there are many new trendier bakeries here – their bread and cakes are worth their weight in gold and are not even nice. Dunno, so many people love going to those, so expensive – so silly!

  3. I so love buns and pastries. I could easily have those for lunch or even dinner, something different.

    Not me – I only have these for tea…or breakfast. Lunch or dinner, I would need some meat!!!

  4. Oh dear. Just when you found a nice place selling buns, they are only temporary. I tried polo bun before.

    I guess I can go and look for the place the lady at the next stall was talking about, Medan Mall side…but I seldom go that way.

  5. I want that polo bun, yums! Yes i had bought from roti boy when i was in JB. You are right, can catch and smell the fragrance of the buns in the vicinity. Cheap and nice! My mom likes it too.

    At one time, I kept buying. I guess now the novelty has passed so I am not so crazy over it.

  6. Ohhh I miss Asian bakeries like that, for long they did not exist here in Auckland until recently. While there are some already the variety is not a good as what you have there

    I love these old school buns. Too much fancy stuff these days, expensive and not really to my liking.

  7. Ah so you also enjoyed the buns there, their chocolate bun is my FAVORITE, haha.

    Oh? I did not buy that. I went looking for their bakery, Medan Mall area – the lady at the next stall said…but I could not find it. Will try again another day.

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