Vaguely familiar…

I loved the mee pok ta (dry) in Singapore when I was there in 1973 by virtue of the fact that it was the closest thing to our Sibu kampua noodles or the Kuching kolo mee. No, they are not the same, all three of them, other than the fact that they are all tossed in their ingredients and served dry.

I did not know then but the Singapore one is also called bak chor mee, the obvious reason being the addition of bak chor (minced meat) to it, just as in Kuching kolo mee. The ones that I had then had fish balls and fish cake slices as well and a prawn or two and even two or three tiny bits of crunchy pork fat crusts.. I think there are places in Kuching where they serve the kolo mee like that, plus a few slices of char siew (barbecued pork) and some lightly-blanched green vegetables but the taste of the noodles is in a totally different class of its own and the texture is not the same.

Well, it so happened that my girl bought this made-in-Singapore instant mee pok dry

Myojo mee pok dry

…and she loved it! Much nicer than our local ones, she said so I just had to try a bit of what she seemed to be enjoying so much. No, it did not impress me much – I thought it was rather strong in what I would refer to as the msg overload.

She finished the whole pack – I’m not sure if the mum had any or not but she went and bought another pack. That was when I decided to take a packet and try it again on my own. There are two sachets inside, one with the oil and the other with the seasoning in powder form.

I cooked the noodles and tossed it well with the oil and half of the packet of seasoning and served it with some leftover meat (beef and pork) balls that my missus made and eggs…

Myojo mee pok dry, cooked and served 1

…garnished generously with a whole lot of chopped spring onion from my garden.

Actually I intended to have two half-boiled eggs but I was caught up with the cooking of the noodles and the heating up of the meatballs that I lost track of time and they ended up like that, overcooked! Had I known they would be so, I would have peeled the eggs nicely instead of breaking them into two and scooping everything out.

I tried the noodles…

Myojo mee pok dry, cooked & served 2

…and yes, they were very nice and had that vaguely familiar taste and texture of Singapore mee pok. The oil seemed to have a hint of sesame oil which I am not really that fond of – perhaps I shall use half of it…or use my own shallot oil next time.

I had the eggs with a bit of dark soy sauce and the meatballs with my missus’ own-made blended chili and garlic dip. The latter brought the taste of the noodles to a whole new level, very nice but of course, it was no longer the same as the ones I had in Singapore a long long time ago. Perhaps I should go and get the ingredients and cook it the exact same way as they did then, with minced meat and all – at least, they would look pretty much the same. LOL!!!

FOOTNOTE: The Ramen Rater gave this a 4.25 out of 5.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Vaguely familiar…”

  1. You never cease to amaze me. I mean you have tried different varieties of instant noodles but I am only stuck with the usual ones.

    The meatballs made the whole dish more appetizing. 😀

    Variety is the spice of life. No matter how nice, after a while, I get bored with it and it does not seem that nice anymore.

  2. You are very adventurous, trying out all types of instant noodles. I try to avoid eating instant noodles as much as I can but sometimes temptation is great. Most probably only having Mee Daddy. I don’t see any problem with that egg, looks pretty good and decent. As always, with add on ingredients and nice presentation makes your bowl of noodles looks extremely yummy.

    One post on your favourite Mee Daddy coming up real soon. I will just try any new ones and after that, no more – will go for bread, buns, biscuits or other things for breakfast…or tapao from outside on my way home after dropping my girl off at school. My girl will only eat on nights for supper when she’s hungry, very seldom too. It’s the mum who buys and eats every morning! I did mention a few times but it all fell on deaf ears.

  3. Oh, never tried this type of noodles before and looking at them, I think I will like this type of noodles too!

    I wonder if you can get the real thing, not these packet instant ones, in JB when you go and visit Andy there. Or you can hop over to Singapore for it. My friends posted photos on Facebook of another one that I loved so much in Singapore back in 1973 – pork ribs prawn mee! So very nice!!!

  4. Quite a nice combo with meatballs, eggs, meatballs and chili dip. I always love spring onions sprinkled on my noodles.

    Endless supply in my garden. They grow faster than we can eat them!

  5. I do not mind mee pok sometime. Tasted slightly different from normal noodle.

    I rarely buy this instant noodle brand.

    Yes, taste and texture are different, a bit translucent. Ours here is just flattened kampua mee, called mee pok.

  6. I had posted about this before and yes mee pok dry instant noodles taste good i like!

    For someone who can get the real thing easily outside, that sure is saying a lot!

  7. I do like that flat style of noodle.

    I love the Singapore ones, something like wantan mee but broader and flat and I loved how they cooked it there, quite unlike wanton mee as everyone knows it.

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