My missus came home all excited that day with this…

Smoky racks

…in hand.

It seems that our regular fruit & food shop round the corner is bringing this in from this place in Kuching…

From Howdy Grillhouse

…for sale. There were two, opening around the same time some years ago but I never went to any of them, not this one nor the other but I did go to this one instead.

A cousin of mine did tapao the ribs from here for me once but I ate it in the middle of the night that night in the hotel, cold already – the chiller/mini-fridge in the room was not working, so it did not leave a lasting impression and that was way back in 2013!

This is precooked so it is very easy and very convenient to just heat it up…

Easy to prepare

…and eat.

Of course, we wasted no time in doing that and having it for lunch the very next day…

Ready to eat

I would say it was very nice, real juicy and fall off the bone tender…

Juicy & tender

…but at RM49.00, I would not say it was all that cheap.

I did go and check out their menu on their website and I found out that they are selling a kg for RM89.00. This pack is only 500 gm, RM44.50 if we divide it by two which means that the shop is selling it at a reasonable price and making only  a few ringgit profit.

Of course we would not be having it all that often – perhaps I would grab a few packs and keep in the freezer for some special occasions or maybe, one of these days, I shall drop by our favourite char siew shop here to find out how much they are selling their very nice roasted pork ribs per kg and make a comparison before I decide.

SWEE HUNG (2.316161, 111.840441) is located along Jalan Ruby, in the block of shops on the right – next to a hair salon at the extreme end and on the other end, to the left is the Kim Won Chinese Medical Store and Mini-supermarket and HOWDY GRILLHOUSE (1.522251, 110.356387) is located at Brighton Square, Sublot 8, Block 16 Ground, Jalan Song in Kuching.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Ribs…”

  1. This ribs looks really juicy and yummy. For that price once in awhile is fine. Is all that for one meal, lunch only?

    We did manage to keep around one third for dinner. Can finish in one sitting, not a problem…the three of us.

  2. For RM49 and it was tender and juicy, perhaps it was reasonable? 😀

    You think so? Still, not something we would go for all that often, too much on the high end for the likes of us.

  3. Great convenience doesn’t come cheap it seems!

    It doesn’t…plus this way, you miss out of the classy surroundings, the ambiance, the service and the pampering – all that is money! And you even have to heat it up yourself to eat. For that kind of money, we can go and tapao 3 dishes at our favourite chu-char place, two meat and one veg.

  4. Oh la la…I didn’t know that you can get frozen ones like this. I have never seen any over here.

    But all those grills over there do home deliveries, not a problem for you all, can have it anytime you want!

  5. The outlet is pretty famous, people sing praise of its rib and steak but I have not try it out yet.

    Some say it’s the best of the best! Of course it will be a whole lot nicer to go and eat it there. Too bad nobody has taken me there to give this place a try. Sobsss!!!

  6. RM49.00 wow that is pricey even to our standards, we can get similar one here at NZ$20.00.

    Yes, VERY…without conversion! These upscale western joints can burn huge holes in one’s pockets. Can get stuff a whole lot nicer at many other less fancy places.

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