Some good…

I saw this tiramisu classique (RM9.90)…

C & C Gallery tiramisu classique

…at this bakery once but when I wanted to buy it for dessert for our Father’s Day dinner in June, they were not available when I dropped by.

I was in the vicinity that morning and I went in to see if I could get anything nice for afternoon tea that day and yes, I spotted it in the glass display cabinet. I think there was only one left so I grabbed it right away. It was very very nice…

C & C Gallery tiramisu classique, sliced

– I sure would want to buy it for dessert the next time we have dinner in the house again on some special occasion.

The mango Swiss roll (RM10.00)…

C & C Gallery mango Swiss roll

…however, was, at best, just all right – I’m afraid it did not sweep me off my feet. I did not quite like how the cake was so very fine and dense…

C & C Gallery mango Swiss roll, sliced

When it comes to Swiss rolls, I sure prefer the ones here plus they only cost RM6.80 each, so much cheaper.

I was quite sure I bought their Macau Portuguese egg tart (RM3.00)…

C & C Gallery Macau Portuguese egg tart

…before but I could not remember why I did not like it. My girl does not like egg tarts but she enjoys these Portuguese ones so I grabbed a few for her to try.

When I took one…

C & C Gallery Macau Portuguese egg tart, inside

…to eat, the reason came back to me as clear as day. I did not like the pastry which was like some kind of bread, croissant perhaps. The pastry for Portuguese egg tarts should be different from that in the regular egg tarts – it should be thin and crispy and flaky puff pastry like the ones here but unfortunately, for reasons unknown, that place has closed down for some time now. The people there did not seem all that keen to talk about it.

But to give credit where credit is due, the lightly-torched custard egg filling was very nice, very rich and creamy and much nicer than the ones in all the egg tarts I have had here.

They labelled these as their crystal skin something, shui jing cai (RM1.25 each, RM2.50 for a pack of two)…

C & C Gallery crystal skin chai kueh

…in their cashier’s receipt. I don’t know what crystal skin is but like snow skin (mooncakes), I did not quite like what they had for these chai kueh – they felt jelly-like and I would much sooner go for our old school traditional chai kueh skin…

old school chai kueh

…as long as it is not hard and rubbery.

The filling inside…

C & C Gallery chai kueh filling

…wasn’t anything to shout about either.

On the other hand, I sure enjoyed this pulut inti (RM1.20 each)…

Pulut inti, inside

…a lot! I like how they used half a toothpick to hold the banana leaf together…

Pulut inti, toothpick

…unlike those at the Malay kuih stalls where they would just use a stapler and if one is not careful, the staple might just fall in.

I sure would love to buy this…

Pulut inti

…should I happen to stop by the bakery again.

C & C GALLERY is located at Lot 62 at the extreme end of the block of shops to the right of Delta Mall, back entrance.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Some good…”

  1. Since my Jamie allergic to egg, milk and cheese, I hardly buy cakes home. He loves cakes. The other day when I made Jay’s cake, he ate most of the cake. Lol.

    I like Portuguese tart more than egg tart. Long time did not taste pulut inti.

    Poor thing! When my girl thought she was gluten intolerant, she was craving for all the things she couldn’t eat. Now that she knows she can eat, she doesn’t bother much. Tsk! Tsk!

    Personally, I prefer egg tarts to the Portuguese ones, not so oily…but it boils down to the custard, how rich and creamy it is. Some are not good, like agar agar.

  2. Among all the above, I like the inti pulut and chai kuih most. I see both toothpicks and stapler used in pulut panggang at the regular kuih stall I used to buy. I did ask them why they use staplers instead of toothpicks and the reasons they give is to differentiate between pulut panggang kosong and those with sambal fillings. Like here, staplers for those pulut kosong and toothpicks for those with sambal fillings…..😄😄😄

    Not the ones here, if they use staples…all will be the same, darn too lazy to get and prepare those sticks for use, easier to just staple. If they use the penyapu sticks, all would be those sticks. this is the only one that I’ve seen using toothpicks.

  3. I would love to give the Macau Portuguese egg tart a try. Looks so different from the ones that we have over here.

    Not nice, the pastry is not supposed to be like that!

  4. I would want to try the pulut inti 🙂 egg tarts or portuguese are my all-time fave. It’s hard to find them here where I am in so whenever I’d visit the big cities, I always make sure to buy them.

    Oh? If I remember correctly, you moved Down Under or somewhere. Been so long. In many places, not our own home, we shall have to make our own if we want to eat anything.

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