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Of course I was thrilled when I heard that this celebrated beef noodles place in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, has opened an outlet in Sibu…

Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap Sibu

I loved it so much and would never miss the chance to go and enjoy it whenever I was there – some say there is one that is nicer – with thick steak-like slices of beef but no, I was not impressed by the meat and I did not think it tasted better.

They told me this new place is beside a bank in that area which, of course, puts me off somewhat as it would be virtually impossible to find a parking space even if you hope to find one far far away. Nonetheless, hoping against hope, I headed into town to have a look – it was where John’s Pie was and later, it was taken over by Galilee Eatery and after that, something else so now, it is Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap, Sibu.

I managed to find a parking space on the other side of the area, quite far away but somebody in the shop to the left wanted to reverse his car out so I left and round the corner, I saw a little white car reversing and driving away. Oh no!!! There wasn’t a parking space there right outside the gate of a building that was undergoing some renovation – the gate was locked and no one was working, it seemed so I simply left my old car there. I was not the first and definitely not the last and after all, I would not be very long.

It’s not a very big place, just one shoplot, half of which is not air-conditioned while the other half that was at one time, a boutique, is. I’m afraid I can’t say much about the decor…

Photo display

…either but of course, personally, I feel that as long as the food is good, that is the most important thing.

I remember at the one in Kota Kinabalu, the moment one stepped out of the car, the strong whiff of the beef soup would sweep one off one’s feet…all the way in the parking lot! I did not detect any of that awesome fragrance at the one here but when I went to the washroom, I walked by the kitchen and yes, I could smell it and the memories came flooding back. Gee whiz! I sure am gonna love it here, I thought!!!

I asked for one bowl of ngiu chap soup (RM12.80) and one bowl of kolo mee kosong (RM1.50) but this was served – ngiu chap mee with yellow noodles (RM9.80)…

Kah Hiong ngiu chap mee

…and after a while, another bowl came – ngiu chap soup with kolo mee in it (RM14.30, promotional price RM12.80).

There was only me alone so how on earth could they expect me to finish TWO huge bowls of noodles with all that meat and soup! No common sense whatsoever…but no, I did not make a scene. I think I’ve mellowed over the years so I do not throw tantrums in public as I please anymore. After all, they are still new – their first day on the job, the day of their soft opening so I just told them to tapao the bowl with the kolo mee for me to take away and I quietly enjoyed the former with their signature killer cili padi dip…

Kah Hiong cili padi dip

I felt the ones I had in KK were nicer – the soup was much stronger and the dip was extra hot while this one here was rather mild in comparison. Still, I would say it was very good, can give our favourite here a good fight and much nicer than all the rest. I sent the takeaway to my sister’s place for her to try and she too shared the exact same sentiments.

Before I left, I ran through their menu once again, all in Mandarin – our discussion, a lot more carefully this time and thoroughly. It seems that you can order the beef soup with the noodles but if you want tripe or tendon or beef balls and everything else, you will have to add on and of course, each will come with a price tag.

I would want to drop by again soon and bring my girl and the mum to go and try if I can find a place to park my car, of course, and the next time around, I would want to order everything, the complete works…and hopefully, they would have got over their teething problems already by then!!! After all, at those prices, I sure would not be coming here every day…

KAH HIONG NGIU CHAP, SIBU (2.293094, 111.825429) is located across the lane to the left of AmBank, Jalan Tunku Osman branch in the same block as Ruby Restaurant, at the end on the far right. 

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “Still new…”

  1. Yes, we have a branch of the same open here for business quite sometimes ago. Try once and would say that it is so so only but some people are praising up to the sky. I think it all depends on individual taste.

    I can’t comment as I did not go to try. Rose liked it:
    but another blogger did not like the smell. Probably he was not fond of the strong beef smell. In KK, they said they used buffalo meat! So nice!!!
    One thing about these franchise places (that is why I am not fond of franchises), quality control may be lacking. Like Pizza Hut in Sg Petani town centre was not nice, the one at the Village Mall was so much nicer…and they always compare all the rest here – KFC, Sugar Bun, SCR…even in the same town!!!
    Even this one here – I thought the original in KK was very much nicer!
    I liked Nuromen at Wisma Merdeka, did not get to try the original…but one that I will not want to eat again would be Ah Mui. Loved it so much in the 70’s when the father was doing it. Now, a pale shadow of what it was like then. (The son at his stall opposite the then Four Points Sheraton was very handsome and friendly though! LOL!!!)

  2. Glad you did not blow your top. Ha 😀

    Yeah for the price…and the look of the food. I will not return every day too.

    I must say that I am VERY surprised by how people spend their money these days. I wanted to go to Pappa Rich that day but it was almost full, one or two tables in the midst of the crowd. I went to some place safer instead. I heard the char kway teow is so very nice but when I checked their menu, it’s RM16.50!!! *pengsan* I go elsewhere I can eat FOUR plates and still have 50 sen change.

  3. So envious! I wish we have one around here too!

    Yes, I saw your blogpost on the original in KK. Lucky you, got to taste the real thing.
    There’s a branch at Puchong – see zmun2’s comment below…and outlets in Brunei, Miri and Kuching. So glad there’s one here now!

  4. Some shops really do not have bilingual menu… hahaha… we don’t know Mandarin, very difficult for us to order…

    The menu is bilingual but not the lady who took my order, something probably went wrong somewhere. Hopefully, it was their first day jitters. The next time around if they mess up my orders, I shall not be so nice!

  5. Wah! I wish there is one near my office. I love beef noodles. So far only the Vietnamese one is available near me. The Sarawak Nuromen has called it a day and so has Cow Brother. I wonder how your order could have gone wrong. Either the staff who took your order or the kitchen staff must have misunderstood.

    I don’t know. For one thing, the lady could only speak Mandarin but I was quite sure she got it right. Never mind, give them time. I do love this more than any Vietnamese pho. The only thing that comes near is the galbitang – beef short rib soup at the Korean Restaurant here but that is around RM45.00. So expensive but I would still order as it is very nice.

  6. Next time call me, I can help you to finish all of it 🙂
    Anyways Beef Noodle soups is one of my waterloos and that thing looks nice

    Yes, VERY nice…and so is the price so I have to stay away and not go too often.

  7. Oh gee, it has been a long time since I last ate beef noodles.

    I do know of some very nice places in KL but when there, there are so many things to eat so I would just go for what’s convenient, those easily within reach.

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