History repeats itself…

I guess it’s not a good day to go out for lunch, Sunday morning, as it is such a busy day. We stopped by here and saw a couple of vacant tables in the midst of the crowd and decided to try here instead and it was just as bad.

We drove past this place

Bistecca closed down for good

…our favourite Italian restaurant in town and much to our dismay, they had called it quits!

No, we did not intend to go there – we actually had this place here

Claypot King sign

…in mind and even though the sign was still there on the wall, the stall was not open. In fact, it was way too empty and clean like it had been vacated so I had the feeling that it too had closed down. I don’t know if the main outlet/stall on the other side of town is still open or not and I sure would not want to go all the way to find out.

Well, since we were there already and the place was not crowded, we decided we would just have lunch there and be done with it.

My girl had the fried pek koi (white rice cakes) from the chu-char (cook & fry) stall at the back (RM4.00)…

七夜cafe Char pek koi

…and I was so sure she had that the one and only time we were here but she insisted she had not had it before. Well, she liked it and I guess that was all that mattered.

The mum ordered the Foochow fried mee and was served this dry version (RM4.00)…

7七夜cafe Fried mee

…which she said was good and coincidentally, that was what she had that last time we were here too!

Now, talking about history repeating itself, I had the roast duck kampua mee then and somehow or other, I ended up ordering it again (RM7.50)…

7七夜cafe Roast duck kampua mee with siew yoke

With the roast duck alone, it would be RM6.00 but I asked for the siew yoke (roast pork) as well.

Yes, it was very nice and I did enjoy it. I let my girl try the siew yoke and she liked it so much that she insisted on buying some home for dinner. The roast duck was good too…

7七夜cafe Roast duck

…and I also bought some home. However, I told the nice guy not to pour the char siew sauce all over the meat like that and he said he would pack all the sauces separately which he did.

I saw a kueh chap stall and I wanted to give it a try so I ordered the special (RM10.00)…

七夜cafe Kueh chap special

…to share. It had a whole lot of ingredients, right down to the pig’s tail…

Pig's tail

…in it but I did not think it was all that nice. I could not detect the fragrance and taste of any of the spices, so prominent in the very nice kueh chap here. At best I would say it was all right but no, it did not get me all excited. Nonetheless, I would give them my double thumbs up for using those stainless steel bowl unlike all the other places where they are still using those gaudily-coloured plastic ones.

After having enjoyed that decently nice lunch, we headed on home – all those places that we wanted to go to initially would have to wait till another day.

7七夜cafe (2.307862, 111.848497) is located off Jalan Sena in the blocks of shops opposite SMK Deshon, the same side as Wikitea and the since-closed Italian restaurant, Bistecca & Bistro.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “History repeats itself…”

  1. Never in my life have I seen pig tail in kueh chap but yes, I do like it put it when I boil soup with groundnuts and lotus roots. I love the Foochow fried mee your missus had.

    I loved it when I had it once, stewed, at a restaurant here…but in the kueh chap, I felt kind of geli geli. Tried one, left the other one behind. I guess it is rather rare…considering that a pig has just one very short one. LOL!!!

  2. I’ve not dined out for so long, it is disheartening to see many stalls are no longer around when we went out for a drive last weekend. Luckily for you, this place serves great food except the kueh chap which is not too great hence you still have a place to look forward to for good food.

    We have a lot of good places here and thankfully, most are still surviving. Business may not be as good as before but they look like they are doing all right – this is one place that used to be packed too, customers spilling onto the road…but it was o.k. that day. I did not mind going there to eat.

  3. i guess it’s a waiting game for many f&b businesses – eventually there’ll be more and more people returning to eat out, and the places that manage to stay alive till then will reap those returns!

  4. The skin of the siew yuk looks crispy and tasty. Same as mun, i do not eat pig’s tail too but my mom likes it. She likes to pigs’ tails soup.

    Yes, the skin was very good, one reason why my girl loved it.

  5. Guess a lot of businesses could not withstand the pandemic outbreak…sad to see shops closing down.

    The roast pork looks yummy. 😀

    It was good. That was why my girl asked me to buy some home for dinner.

  6. I also like to avoid the crowds.

    Even at the expense of the quality of the food. I would much sooner settle for something a little less than to go and squeeze with so many people at one place. #staysafe #staywell

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