That’s all right, mama…

The Mooncake Festival is on October 1st this year, still over a month away but my good friend has been busy making her own and showing off her beauties via photographs and videos on Facebook and on Youtube and some have already been blogging about it.

No, I’ve not gone out to buy and no, like in previous years, I will not bother as most, if not all, will be way too expensive. Over RM10.00 or a whole lot more each – imagine how many plates of kampua mee I can have with that kind of money and derive a whole lot more enjoyment from them! It is absolutely ridiculous the way some people will bank in on tradition to squeeze the people dry so much so that they will think twice about preserving the customary practice, their heritage. Of course if there are some kind and generous souls out there who would like to give this poor ol’ warga emas (senior citizen) some to nibble, he shall be most grateful. Hint! Hint! LOL!!!

Well, my sister dropped by my house the other morning to give me these…

Mooncakes from The Banto Mama

…to try, homemade by somebody who calls herself The Bento Mama. I see she has included the Moon Rabbit in the packaging – if you do not know the significance of those bunnies, you can click this link and read all about it in my 2018 blogpost. I did mention something about it there.

It is not the traditional kind of skin nor the rich and buttery and crumbly Shanghai ones( 上海月饼), more like the skin in phong peah or heong peah

The Bento Mama mooncake

…and inside, one had the red bean paste (or tao sar) and the other, pandan lotus filling and what was so special about these mooncakes was the fact that inside, you will find a layer of mochi and a layer of meat floss plus a layer of salted egg yolk…

The Bento Mama mooncake, inside

I would say it was nice even though I am not a fan of the skin but I would much sooner go for this than the snow-skin ones or worse, agar-agar. Unheard of! We never had those in my growing up years.

I don’t know how one can place an order for these or whether there are others available. I suppose one can PM them via their Facebook page or call them using the number given but I would prefer to stick to the traditional ones that I grew up eating – the traditional skin with or tau sar (red bean paste) though I am more fond of pek tau sar (mung bean paste) or lotus paste these days with or without a salted egg yolk or two.

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9 thoughts on “That’s all right, mama…”

  1. I would love to eat these but sadly Bento Mama does not ship to here, only to Sarawak places reachable by bus. I wonder how much is the price because it is not written on their fb. They are not traditional moon cakes but as a pastry on its own, I would say that they are superbly tasty with all the layers that I love to eat. Moon cakes agar agar are not mooncakes but they are agar agar in the shape of moon cakes so for those like me who love to eat agar agar, we can eat agar agar in any shapes as long as they are tasty.

    Yes, it does look like a classier version of that old wife’s cake, a lot more than a mooncake.

    I’m not into agar agar, none of us in the house so we never make. I guess those who enjoy it would love those mooncake agar agar.

    1. You are spot on that this type of pastry is like old wife’s cake. I believe they originated in Taiwan in Taiwan shops that bake old wife’s cakes and in Taiwan, these pastries are not sold as moon cakes but as pastries in their own right. Saint Paul bakery in Taiwan sells lots of these:

      I’ve tried the ones from Taiwan, some friends brought home some for me. Over the years, it has caught on over here, seems popular – a lot of places selling but I hardly ever buy, not really a fan of it – me, old school, will stick to my tau sar peah. Their sun biscuits are also the favourite of many.

  2. I only love pure red bean paste (orh tau sar) or pure lotus or pandan. The above is a big NO NO for me, meat floss and salted egg together in one moon cake. I eat meat floss or salted egg on its own, never like them mixed as sweet and savoury.

    Not really into or tao sar, prefer pek tao sar…or lotus paste. Not into pandan either…and not into meat floss in anything. I see they use a lot in sushi – I will just let them go by on the carousel, no thank you. I love salted egg yolk in mooncake or bak chang or eaten just like that…but not the salted egg paste or custard or whatever in paos or croissants and all the rest. I saw salted egg spread at the shop that day – I think it is supposed to be eaten with bread, no, thank you!

    1. You don’t even like meat floss on its own? Or sprinkle meat floss on congee?

      No. Eyewwwwww….I don’t mind eating it as it is but definitely not in congee, getting it all soaking wet.

      1. What about using the meat floss as fillings in between two slices of white bread to make a sandwich? Some people do that by spreading a thin layer of butter on the bread so that the meat floss will stick to the butter and will not fall off everywhere.

        I used to enjoy that, not into it anymore.

  3. mooncakes costing above RM20 seem to be the norm in kl this year for a lot of the better producers. i’ve managed to try two brands, and i liked them both, but i think that’s enough for this year 🙂

    *faints* I may just have ONE to preserve the tradition, the heritage, share it with everyone in the family – one tiny wedge each. LOL!!!

  4. I’m afraid I dislike meat floss. Anything with meat floss, I will say no thank you. LOL!

    I do not dislike it, just not a fan of it so in a way, that makes two of us. LOL!!!

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