New ones…

Last Sunday morning, Annie’s brother, David, dropped by my house to give me the dumplings he made following two new recipes. He would not tell me what was in each of them – he said he would let me try and see if I could figure out what went into the making.

Well, we went out for lunch that afternoon so it was not until dinner that evening that we got to cook them…

Uncle Q Dumplings 1

…and try.

I think this…

Uncle Q Dumpling 1, filling

…was the one I liked very much. I could not make out the taste other than the fact that it was all meat. My missus said something about their being shitake mushroom in it. The filling tasted great and I was thinking how nice it would be to use it to make gourmet sausages…or perhaps he could wrap the filling with sio bee skin to make sio bee – I sure would want to buy!

My missus liked the other one…

Uncle Q Dumpling 2

…that seemed to have some chili inside…

Uncle Q Dumpling 2, filling

I’m not sure but maybe I got the photos of the two cross-sections confused and what I said was this one should have been the other and vice versa.

My girl, however, did not think much of either one of them. She feels that shui jiao/jiaozi should be what shui jiao/jiaozi should be – minced meat with koo chai (chives) and even though she was fine with the one with cabbage, she was never really all that fond of it.

Incidentally, if anybody wants to buy without prior booking, I think they have the dumplings at the Glory Organic Products shop (beside Golden Star Technology Service Centre) opposite the SESCO Customer Service Centre in the Dewan Suarah area or you can call David at 012-856 2277 or message him via their Facebook page to order and request for home delivery.

Author: suituapui

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5 thoughts on “New ones…”

  1. From the photos, both the fillings looks the same to me except one with chilli/carrot and the other with black fungus/mushroom, other than that is minced meat. One need to eat to know the taste and difference and they are so generous with the fillings. Guess both of them are equally good in taste.

    Both are nice, just all meat. My girl loves chives in her shui jiao. Turns out that it wasn’t chili but wolfberry, that bit of red!

  2. Thanks for the comment . One is mushroom, and another one is wolf berry nope chili 🤣🤣🤣. Just try something out . For me chives still the best for Shui jiao . But just lot customer want taste something different. Will try to improve it more

    Ahhhhhh!!! Wolfberry! Yes, a little bit sweet.

  3. I thought it was chili too. Then it was pointed out that it was wolfberry. 😀

    Still I think by adding some chili, it will spice things up and make the dumplings even more palatable. 🙂

    My missus would agree with you. She loves it hot!!!

  4. Nyum! Nyum! I won’t mind being a guinea pig to taste test those dumplings hee…hee…

    Yes, that’s what I am! A quinea pig…eat for free! LOL!!!

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