Is this nice?…

When my late parents were still around, fit and healthy and able to travel, they would fly over to New Zealand to be with my brother and his family there. My dad would declare that they would stay there for half a year at least but give them a month or so, they would be home already. My mum should be fine but my dad liked to go out and drop by his friends’ shops in town to chat every morning, go for a bite to eat and he could not do that there – no friends, nowhere to go.

Anyway, everytime they came back, they would bring this…

Arnott's Schotch Finger

…home and they would give me a packet or two. So, was it nice? I would say it was – not as nice as those Scottish shortbread or Kjeldsens’ Danish cookies but yes, they were quite good.

Arnott’s is a popular Australian/New Zealand brand – we do get a lot of their products here, Tim Tam…

Tim Tam red velvet

…especially, which I do not really fancy as all of them are way too sweet. We get all kinds of their biscuits/cookies and snacks here but surprisingly, I have not seen the aforementioned Scotch fingers for a long time now.

Anyway, my girl came home from that supermarket in town that imports anything and everything from places all over the world and she bought two packs of these…

Arnott's Farmbake butter shortbread

…for me to enjoy. I can’t say I was excited as for a long time now, nothing from them had impressed me much but of course, I was thankful that I had something to eat for breakfast or afternoon tea or for my night cap before I turned in for the night.

I opened a pack…

Arnott's butter shortbread, cookies

…to try and much to my delight, the cookies were very nice. They had this pleasant butter fragrance, not as strong as that in Scottish shortbreads but not unlike those lovely Danish cookies and there were quite a lot in a pack. I really hate it when I open a big packet of something nice and there are only half a dozen pieces inside, not even enough for one sitting!

I don’t know how much each pack costs. If it is not too expensive, I may want to buy a few more to keep and enjoy slowly. Otherwise, I shall just wait and hope that my girl will grab some for me the next time she drops by the supermarket. Hehehehehe!!!

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Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Is this nice?…”

  1. So far, I stick faithfully to Kjeldsens’ Danish cookies. I have try Tim Tam after reading your post and I strongly agree that they are too sweet for my liking. Whereas for Arnott’s brand, since you say it is nice I will mark your words and if I happen to see it, I will buy a packet to try. Hope your girl will read your blog and pay attention to the last sentence in the last paragraph……πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    LOL!!! I shall buy myself should I happen to see it. Yes, Tim Tam is so sweet, dunno why it is so popular. For one thing, those ang moh people love things really sweet…like some of their desserts like their Pavlova. Not anything to my liking.

  2. I am attracted by the red velvet cookies in the beginning of your post. πŸ˜€

    That was sometime ago, not new. Dunno if they have discontinued this line or not, the adriano zumbo series.

  3. I’m having coffee now and how I’d love to have a packet!

    I love the Marks and Spencer’s one too, their all butter biscuits – can get those easily over where you are.

  4. I haven’t had these biscuits in a long, long time. I agree with you that Tim Tams are way too sweet for our liking.

    I wonder why they are so popular, the pride of those people Down Under. My friend, home from Australia –
    he said that Australia = Tim Tam = Australia and that was why he got that specially for me. That was indeed so very nice of him . My! My! He actually thought we could not get them here.

  5. ooo i haven’t seen these butter shortbread packets before, but i’d grab one too! can’t resist nibbling on cookies while working at the laptop, just have to be careful not to spill crumbs on the keyboard πŸ˜€

    Been there, done that…and I always wonder why ants like to come and disturb me as I work. LOL!!!

  6. Who does not love TimTams, infact I have on my hand their salted caramel. Yum!

    LOL!!! I quite like salted caramel but no, they’re too sweet for me, thank you very much.

  7. Nowadays I also cannot take too sweet biscuits bought from the shelves especially buttery ones. Now at my age, I cannot wait for my kids to buy….. hahaha… just buy and eat whatever I want, the more I wait, the less teeth I have… hahaha…

    Buttery ones, I like. Sweet ones, no. I think I’ve gone off sweet things these days. Old age.

  8. My dad was a chatter too. He loved to get out in the mornings and chat to neighbours or friends he came across downtown.

    LOL!!! The things that old folks love to do!

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