Rainbow connection…

The stalls here sure look pretty in their rainbow/pride colours, thanks to the effort of the very pro-active and dedicated wakil rakyat of that constituency…

Pelangi Foodkiosk Kampung Nangka
*Pelangi Foodkiosk Kampung Nangka photo*

Before this, it was a DIY kind of thing – each one would bring their own planks and plywood, worn-out recycled canvas banners and what not to build their own stalls and they were such a ghastly sight that I never wanted to set foot there to see what they were selling. They reminded me of the floating toilets all along the river of the kampung houses, those days when they had to build their own for their own use.

Well, I was driving past that very hot morning and I saw that only a few were open. One of them had a sign saying bubur pedas and I stopped there and then to go and buy. Unfortunately, the guy who used to have his stall here said that it was not available that day but he did have it the day before. There was nothing he was selling that tickled my fancy so I decided to walk around to see what the other stalls were selling.

There was one where two very young girls were selling some kuihs and what not and I thought these, wrapped in banana leaves, looked really good so I bought a pack of 5 (RM2.00)…

Banana leaf-wrapped kuih

…and indeed, they were very nice. The skin was soft, not tough and rubbery…

Nice skin

…unlike some that would make you feel like choking when you try to chew and swallow them.

The filling of Gula Melaka-flavoured grated coconut…

Coconut filling

…was very nice too. I certainly would want to buy those again should I happen to drop by and they are available.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about their curry puffs (RM2.00 for a pack of 5)…

Curry puffs

I know of an unimpressive-looking place along Jalan Bandong, across the road from the nasi lemak stall at Bandong Walk where a lady would be selling her curry puffs and doughnuts at 3 for RM1.00 and they are very nice. I’ve gone there to buy from her a few times already – the next time I do that, I must remember to take some snapshots and blog about it.

This was their version of the Chinese steamed yam cake or or koi and yes, it was very nice, absolutely great with Thai chili sauce and only RM2.00 a pack…

Malay steamed cake

…which was a lot cheaper than the nyonya kuihs sold here.

Well, as the song goes, two out of three ain’t bad and yes, I will definitely drop by there time and time again to see what else they have in store. If I am not wrong, that place is busier in the late afternoon and evening with keropok lekor, banana fritters, fried chicken and burger stalls and all.

PELANGI FOODKIOSK KAMPUNG NANGKA (2.311098, 111.820632) is located in front of Wisma Azra at Lorong 8A, Jalan Kampung Nangka, where YS Cafe is.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “Rainbow connection…”

  1. So colourful. Reminded me of the one in Paris but this is definitely eye candy.

    Now I miss curry puff, looking at your photo.

    Not nice. I must go and get those nice ones one of these days and blog about them. Kentang and sardine, I only buy kentang…not into sardin.

  2. Wow, such nice and colourful food kiosk. Grated coconut and gula Melaka sure makes a good combination and the skin of the kuih looks like our angku kuih though. Curry puffs looks ok whereas the Orh kuih doesn’t seem very inviting.

    The or kuih was nicer than most sold at the Chinese places here – maybe Kuching different, Kuching nyonya kuihs and everything are a lot nicer but of course, it depends on where one goes. This one was firm, not wobbly…like most here, all flour! Curry puff looks ok…but not ok, not to me, at least.

    Now that you all have mentioned it – that sure looks like angku kuih…minus the imprint using the wooden chuan. The skin was very well done, love it!

  3. I wonder over here in Ipoh, I can still get 5 for RM2…. in Penang, one small piece is 80 sen which is double the price for 5. hahaha… cheap and nice is hard to come by these days…

    Oh dear!!! So expensive over there. We really must count our blessings here.

  4. You are right, some cheap cheap food can also be very tasty, cheap and good. Very colourful. Reminds me of overseas. Long time did not eat steamed yam cake, slurps.

    Yet to go back there again to see what else they have. Some days I just feel so lazy to go out, just stay home.

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