The bakery…

This bakery needs no introduction. Their plain sandwich loaves are well distributed to all the shops and supermarkets. I don’t know if they still have it there as I have not been to that part of the woods for a while now but I did know that their base was at a shop in Rejang Park here – I think they did all the baking there. I don’t think they did any retail; they did not need to as we could get their bread anywhere and everywhere.

I was walking past this place among the shops in the Sibu Waterfront area, somewhere in between this coffee shop and this food court when I noticed a clinically clean, air-conditioned café there. Except for two young girls, there weren’t any other customers inside. There wasn’t any sign visible from the pavement so I had to walk out to the road and this…

The Michael Cottage Bakery & Cafe

…was what I saw. That sure took me by surprise as I did hear of them setting up a place but I just assumed they were relocating their bakery and I did not expect them to start their own café.

I decided to go in and check it out – I would much sooner go in there than the aforementioned super crowded and unbearably hot coffee shop and food court, that’s for sure.

I spotted their bread on the shelf…

Bread on the shelf

…and some cakes too but no, I did not feel like buying any of the latter to try.

There was this sign…

Greek to me

…but unfortunately, I only know nasi lemak and tom yan [SIC].

A nice lady came to take my order and yes, the menu had the English versions of the names of what were available and despite having to converse in Mandarin the whole time, I managed to get my orders across correctly and in no time at all, my coffee (RM3.00)…

The Michael Cottage Bakery & Cafe coffee

…was served.

Yes, it was good, very kao (strong) and very much to my liking but for that kind of money, I was thinking that perhaps a saucer would be in order. Hehehehe!!!

I think one of the girls had their laksa and from a distance, I thought it looked quite decent – maybe I would go back there and give it a try one day. If I am not wrong, the other girl had their zhao chai hung ngang, something that never really tickles my fancy. There was an item in Mandarin only in the menu and the lady said that included all the chu-char (cook and fry) noodle dishes.

In the end, I asked for the beef noodles and when it was served (RM8.00)…

The Michael Bakery & Cafe beef noodles

…I must say that I was a tad disappointed. It did not cross my mind when I was ordering to ask if it was the clear soup version and obviously, it wasn’t. I guess this is the Taiwanese version with its rich flavourful soup, savoury, very lightly sweet and a little bit spicy too. This was the first time I had this version with a hint of spiciness, probably the influence of the currently very popular mala.

Well, after the initial uneasiness with the taste, once I got used to it, I started to enjoy it a lot. It sure was good till the last drop…

The Michael Bakery & Cafe good till the last drop

…and of course, I was delighted with the fact that no plastic was used! Bravo! Bravo!!! However, there was one thing that fell short of my expectations – the chili dip. I think that was light soy sauce that came with it, not the usual chili and ginger in lime dip that one would get at the other beef noodle places.

I certainly will drop by again should I happen to be in the neighbourhood to see what else is nice there.

THE MICHAEL BAKERY & CAFE (2.290718, 111.820633) is located along Lorong Lau King Howe 1, right next door to Mytown Pharmacy in the block after De’House Hotel.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “The bakery…”

  1. So this is the one that everybody guess it was laksa when you post on FB. At first glance, I thought it was lor mee. The soup was too dark, unlike our normal beef noodles. Light soy sauce as dippings, failed big time.

    Yes, our local beef noodles would come in clear soup – I prefer that to the Taiwanese version, dunno why the Taiwanese ones are so popular. I guess it is some kind of trend, everyone loves anything Korean, Japanese…and Taiwanese. Everywhere, hotpot places are sprouting out and mala is the current craze – not for me, thank you!

  2. The beef noodle looked alright to me. That was one kao coffee. Haha.

    Hmm. Don’t kmow this bakery. Never been there.

    Gee!!! You are obviously not very observant. If you stepped out of your SIL’s shop in Rejang Park and turned right and walked straight ahead, past that tee peang, char kway teow corner shop, Michael Cottage Bakery is right across on the other side in the block ahead, a couple of doors away from Jason kompia place which is located to its left.

    Loved the coffee!

    1. Oh. Now I remember!! But I hardly patronize there. Hehe.

      Nobody goes there. We buy from the shops and stalls – their bread is everywhere.

  3. the michael cottage? ooo, michael is my dad’s name 😀

    If you’re Catholic like me, you’d know Michael the Archangel. I think there is a movie by that same name starring John Travolta.

  4. Like you, I would be expecting a clearer soup instead of the dark type. The beef looks dark in colour too… it must be good since there is not even a drop left in the bowl! hahahaa

    Yes, it was good! The sad thing here is they are all this so-called Taiwanese-style beef noodles which are obviously more popular – seems that many feel anything Korean, Taiwanese are all good, very hard to find the clear soup ones nowadays. I just blogged about one the other day, so so…not all that great:

  5. The beef looks so dark in colour. The char siew in our wanton noodles sometimes look so dark and black in colour too. Dont like eating dark pork. Prefer them clean and white in colour.

    Obviously it had been simmered too long. Maybe they cooked a batch and kept reheating! Should divide into portions, reheat when there is a customer so the beef will look freshly cooked – not like that.

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