I wanted it too…

That day, when I dropped by here to buy the sandwich and salad for my girl, I also went to look at the nyonya kuihs available that day. They are also sold there, displayed on the counter to the left.

There were the angku kuih and the sambal pulut that my ex-student gave me that day but no, I did not want those again. I was not interested in what looked like kuih lapis (layer cake) with only two colours, brown and white, either.

In the end, I went for the steamed pumpkin cake (RM3.30 a pack)…

Steamed pumpkin cake

…which was, at best, quite all right. I think there are nicer ones elsewhere with bits of minced meat in it, the same as the Chinese steamed yam cake (or koi) but made using pumpkin (kim kua koi) instead.

Of course I could not resist this (RM3.30 a pack)…

Pulut & kaya

…one of my nyonya favourites, the pulut tai tai. It is nothing more than just steamed pulut (glutinous rice) with nothing more than maybe, a bit of salt and santan (c0conut milk) and tints of blue using the bunga telang ( butterfly pea flower) but I do enjoy eating it with the kaya (coconut jam). Oh my!!! The kaya was so so so good, as good as the one I bought from this bakery. If they sell that on its own, I sure would want to buy to eat with bread or crackers.

Later, when I went to send the sandwich and salad to my girl, I went to the “canteen” beside her school to buy these (80 sen each)…

Lau Dato Si' Canteen tau sar peah

I saw my blogger friend, zmun2 enjoying her tau sar peah here and here and all this while, I had been telling myself that I wanted it too.

I’ve bought some nice ones of varying sizes here and there but ever since I came across these here, I never went elsewhere again. They are made by some lady in Bintangor, I heard and are available every day (except Sundays – their off day once a week) and I will only go for the pek tau sar (white/green bean or mung bean paste) filling…

Tau sar peah, inside

…even though at times, they also have the or tau sar (black/red bean paste) filling.

School has resumed for quite sometime now and I could have gone there earlier to buy these but I don’t quite fancy going through the SOP when going anywhere. That was why it took me a while to finally drop by. I enjoy having these for afternoon tea or for breakfast even, a nice change from instant noodles, bread or crackers.

TA KIONG KOREAN STORE (2.292923, 111.826821)) is located at No.19, Ground Floor, Jalan Kai Peng, the first shop in the block right behind the supermarket and LAUDATO SI’ CANTEEN (2.287266, 111.832142) is located at No. 1, Jalan Lanang in what was previously known as the Catholic Centre in the compound of the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Jalan Lanang and St Rita’s Primary School, Jalan Bukit Assek. .