To the right…

If you are coming from town along Jalan Dr. Wong Soon Kai and you turn left into the lane immediately after Delta Mall, the one before Jalan Gambir, heading towards Lorong Taman Seduan 8, this coffee shop…

Delta Cafe

…is the first one in the block to your right.

If I remember correctly, it was once named Delicious and this one was Delta but for reasons unknown, this one became Delicious…

Delicious Food Court

…and still is thus named to this very day and that one has been called Delta since.

All this while, there was a kampua mee stall in front and I think there was a chu char (cook & fry) stall at the back but I never stopped by to try and now, there is another stall, to the left in the above photograph, as well.

That morning, I went to the kampua mee stall and the lady asked me if I wanted the kay liao (added ingredients) plate of noodles. I saw the price – RM4.10, RM1.10 more than most of the regular kampua mee around town and I did spot an egg in the photograph so I decided I would give it a try.

When it was served…

Delta Cafe kampua mee kay liao

…I must say that I was a little disappointed as there was nothing else other than the egg. Thankfully, the noodles tasted all right, not the best nor the worse but I would not mind stopping by to eat this if I happen to be around there and no, you would not see me going out of my way for it.

The char siew was nicer than the usual boiled meat coloured red at a lot of places but nowhere near what I would regard as really nice char siew and of course, the egg was…like an egg. Incidentally, if you are cutting a hardboiled egg into halves and would like  a clean cut, use a string/thread – do not use a knife as the egg will end up looking like what you see in the above photograph.

I may drop by again one of these days to see what that other stall or the one at the back has to offer. Who knows, I may stumble upon something good.

DELTA CAFE (2.312530, 111.847067) is the first shop in the block of shops immediately to your right when you turn left at the junction of the lane after Delta Mall, off Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “To the right…”

  1. RM1.10 for that extra egg and so called “kay liao” is a bit too much. Don’t you think so? RM0.50 is reasonable. Having say that, I do come across a chu char stall charging RM1.50 for an extra fried egg if you ask for it. Times are hard for everyone.

    Yes. It is o.k. if she does not say “kay liao”, just say with an egg. I was expecting maybe one or two pian sip, a slice or two of liver or strip of tripe by the side. That is what I would call “kay liao”, not just an egg and I do not mind paying more, RM5 or RM6!

  2. this street in your photo gives me malacca vibes – the kind of buildings that were constructed in the ’90s maybe when more and more commercial lots were needed 🙂

    Yes, those shops should date back to the 90’s or earlier – they were there already when I moved into the neighbourhood, late 80’s.

  3. The noodles look…mushy…but maybe it was just me as you said it was good.

    The title to the right reminds me of Beyonce’s Irreplaceable. LOL :p

    Oh? Wasn’t it to the left? LOL!!!

    Noodles were ok, just the char siew looked like it had been reheated…many times, still all right but a bit on the hard and dry side.

  4. Never seen people serve hardboiled egg in kampua. So the added on to me is the egg. Hmm.

    Yalor! So disappointing! And it wasn’t even a stewed egg. There are people who will ask for a fried egg (nui pao) at some kampua stalls – I guess they need something more filling to last the whole morning.

  5. I would like to have a few veg mixed in with my noodles.

    Yes, that would be nice. In fact, they can easily add a leaf or two to the complimentary soup which is quite bland most of the time. This would give it a bit of taste.

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