The other day, I blogged about the Vietnamese flat rice noodles, the beef-flavoured one or as they call it, the phở bò and I did mention that there is also the phở gà, the chicken version of the same…

phở gà

I took a packet to try that day and it is the same inside – the noodles and the three sachets…

Noodles & sachets

…and yes, I did check and found out that the tương ớt in the red sachet was indeed chili sauce.

I boiled some water with a few Thai basil leaves from my garden thrown in and then I added the noodles and the contents of the three sachets. Once done, I poured everything into a bowl…


You can see the bits of meat that came in the big sachet and I also added one fried drummet, left over from what my missus cooked for dinner the previous day. I also boiled an egg, with the egg yolk still runny but it was not all that successful as I think the egg was too fresh and I had a hard time peeling it. In the end, it certainly wasn’t a sight to behold.

I added a bit of my missus’ blended chili & garlic, sprinkled a bit of chopped spring onion from my garden and there you have it!…

Bon appetit

I would say it was very nice but I can’t make a comparison between this one and the beef-flavoured one just like that. I remember that was very nice too but I guess unless I eat both together, I would not be able to tell the subtle differences between the two of them.

Author: suituapui

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6 thoughts on “Chicken…”

  1. Wow, ho liao, chicken drummet to go with that bowl of nice instant noodles. So to you, both flavour are nice, taste the same and to your liking.

    Both very nice but maybe I did think the beef had a slight edge over the chicken. I was overwhelmed a bit more when I tried it that day…or maybe it was because I never had instant noodles this nice before, first time.

  2. I wonder if these are sold here in the malls… I don’t mind buying them… they look good!

    You can go and look for them – made in Vietnam, definitely closer to Perak than here. Good buy, can derive more satisfaction than from all other instant noodles.

  3. Dont seem to see them in our supermarket… I will go for the chicken one since i dont take beef… I am eyeing at the drumlet… Slurps

    Look harder. If we can get it in our insignificant little town, I am sure you can get it in Singapore!

  4. Looks pretty good, your presentation what with the nice drumstick! I think that difficult to peel egg reminded you of me. Right? LOL!

    Bingo!!! Muahahahahahaha!!! I am so jahat hor!

  5. I believe this is better than the beef one because of the appetizing drumstick. 😀

    Not for me. I think I prefer the beef…with the Aussie wagyu no less!

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