How you like that…

A long long time ago, way back in 2012, a BIG group of my West Malaysian blogger-friends came to Sibu and of course, on the very first night of their arrival, I threw a lavish dinner to welcome them to our little town. It ended with this fruit platter…

Fruit platter

…on the house. The visitors were very surprised – even reanaclaire from the pomelo town of Ipoh said they never served that in their fruit platter over in the peninsula.

We never specify what we would like for dessert – we just leave it to the restaurant people. I remember in our younger days, we had apples and Sunkist oranges cut into wedges…or an ice-cold bowl of canned longans and peaches. Eventually, they started adding almond jelly to the latter and I did not hear anyone complain.

Of course, those imported fruits became too expensive and were replaced by our own local produce instead. In the above, there were papaya, pineapples and pomelo. I’ve noticed that these days, watermelon is rather common and honeydew too. Sometimes we may get dragon fruit, white or purple. I love how they cut the papaya – so neat and clean and I try to do it that way at home too.

This was the papaya my neighbour gave me that day…

Papaya, half

Usually, I would cut the top off and the fruit into halves and then I would remove the seeds inside.

Usually, people would cut the fruit lengthwise and then proceed to peel the skin. I do not do that as I often mash the papaya when trying to keep a strong grip on it, clumsy me and the end result would be quite  a sight. That is why I cut it into short lengths and carefully remove the skin…


…and that not-so-smooth-part where the seeds cling to inside…


I know most people do not bother but my late dad always insisted that their helper cut it away, this inside part, and if I remember correctly, she would cut the fruit lengthwise to do that and also to peel it before cutting it into short chunks to keep in a container to be stored in the fridge. The end result would look just like mine…

Cut papaya

What about you…when you cut papayas? How you like that?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “How you like that…”

  1. Usually we spoon out the papayas and seldom cut them. We also mix it with powdered milk, yum!

    We do that with the small palm-size ones, not the huge ones that we have here, some as long as an arm.

  2. If it is not too big for me to handle, I will peel skin of the whole papaya and then cut into halves, remove the seeds and cut to bite size. If too big, then cut into halves before peeling of the skin. Over here, RM4 per kg. I love our local fruits more than imported ones.

    Dunno the price, I will buy frequently but I never asked, just pay. Now, that’s one way of cutting papaya that I’ve not seen before, peel the whole fruit first. You do not remove that part inside where the seeds cling to?

    1. Yes,I do. Peel the whole papaya first, then cut into halves, remove seeds and cut into bite size.

      Interesting how people have different ways of doing the same thing!

  3. Wow, I forgot about the fruit platter being served this way… very impressive, alright! I just cut a papaya this morning, I dont cut the inside, just remove the seeds…. I feel the more we cut, the lesser we eat…as long as the skin and seeds are removed, the rest is fine with me…. but I have a friend who cuts the inside too… more work for me! hahaha…

    Labour of love! I actually enjoy doing it as I love seeing the end result, so nice and neat and clean. Must be my OCD! LOL!!!

  4. Well for my family it depends. Sometimes we just cut them into halves and use spoons to enjoy them. Of course the seeds need to go first.

    Shortcut, eh? Young people aren’t as fastidious as the old folks. The Peranakans especially, everything must be done perfectly the right way! My family is more inclined towards this nyonya style of my maternal family.

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