What you give…

I was outside the house doing my gardening that day, all sweaty in my tattered and torn t-shirt and looking quite a mess when I saw a huge vehicle stop right outside my gate. I went to have a look and out stepped this tall and elegant young lady!

She was my student a long time ago, and her two brothers as well, but of course, they’ve all grown up now, all married with kids and it sure was a surprise to see her that day.

She came to pass me these angku kuih

Angku kuih

…and also this pulut with sambal on top…

Sambal pulut

…homemade by somebody at Jalan Berjaya, she said, thank you so much!

Yes, I do know of these very nice kuihs – I first encountered them at an event outside a supermarket here in 2019 and last year, when my Payung friends were catering the food for the international dance festival held here, they got them to cater the dessert. As far as I know, they used to be available at the Sunday market and also at a coffee shop at Rejang Park on weekends and you can get them on any day of the week at the Korean section of the supermarket in town.

In the meantime, my immediate neighbour gave me this…


…from his garden and another neighbour further down the lane gave me this melon…


…also from his garden, the fruit of his and his missus’ labour. I wonder if anyone has cooked this before.

Like I’ve said many times before, I am truly blessed with all these kind and generous people giving me all kinds of things and I have nothing to give in return other than my prayers that all of them will be abundantly blessed each passing day in their lives.