Wanna try…

In my post that day, I said I would go back to the bakery because I would wanna try the croissants with mango cream (RM4.80)…

Louis Bakery croissant, mango cream

…that the guy spoke so enthusiastically about – like ice cream, he said.

I did not place an order – I just went at noon. If you are connected on Facebook, at around that time, they will post a video showing all the croissants in the display cabinets and that will be the indication that the batches for the day are ready and available then. When I stepped inside, I saw many bags, all packed and ready by the side – those must be for those who had pre-ordered.

I did not try it until 3 or 4, my afternoon tea time that day so it was cold already, not as nice as the previous time when I bought some and ate them right away, piping hot, in the car. I quite liked the mango cream filling…

Louis Bakery croissant, mango cream filling

…but personally, I prefer the salted egg one that I bought that day but those were a lot more expensive (RM5.50).

My girl, however, didn’t like either of them – she prefers the ori, the plain ones (RM4.00), oven-toasted and eaten just like that, on its own. I think should I drop by to buy some more, I would just grab a few of the ori and make my own croissant sandwich with bacon, egg and cheese like what I did with the bun that day or with whatever I have in the house.

And talking about buns, these garlic cheese buns (RM4.00)…

Louis Bakery garlic cheese buns

…seemed mighty popular. They would make those every day alongside the croissants. That was why I also grabbed a few that day to try.

My girl said she would prefer it without the cream cheese filling…

Louis Bakery garlic cheese buns

…and on my part, I did not think it tickled my fancy, with or without the filling, not anything spectacular that would get me rushing back for more.

Incidentally, at around 2.00 p.m. that very same day, they shared a video clip of their almost empty cabinets. Gee! That was fast! In around two hours, they were almost all sold out!!!

LOUIS BAKERY LW.Pattisserie (2.316411, 111.839847) is located along Jalan Ruby in the same block of shops as Kim Tak Co., right next to Ah Kau Cafe at the end of the block to the left.