Two by two…

My girl loved those wraps long ago before she thought she was gluten-intolerant but she stopped buying altogether when she suspected she might be. After going through all the tests, it was found that her suspicions were unfounded. However, for reasons unknown, she never went back to buying them to enjoy anymore.

Well, it so happened that I was at a supermarket here the other day when I spotted this…

MISSION pizza crust

…and of course, I wasted no time at all in grabbing a pack of two to try.

I saw my foodie friend in KL sharing photographs of the pizzas she made on Facebook using these thin crusts and somebody was quick in “splashing cold water” – a dime a dozen, the likes of this – saying that it was nothing more than a thicker version of their wraps.  Never mind! Since I bought it already, we might as well give it a try and be the judge of it ourselves, first hand.

That day, my girl took them and made this seafood one…

Seafood pizza with MISSION pizza crust

…with mussels and tuna using our old school stand-up gas cooker with an oven and it turned out really great. The crust was nicely done, very crispy and fragrant and we sure loved it!

At the same time, she made this one with bacon…

Bacon pizza with MISSION pizza crust

…and I would have loved it a lot more – you simply can’t go wrong with bacon – but she made that using our smaller counter-top oven. It looked kind of pale as the mum said the instruction on the pack said 10 minutes only. Of course, it was not as crispy and we did not think it was all that nice that way – the other one was heaps better!

We enjoyed both of them, nonetheless and yes, should we feel like it again, we sure would go out and buy, no need to use frozen roti canai or one of those for our pizza base anymore.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Two by two…”

  1. Both pizzas with different toppings looks pretty good and I prefer the crispy crust type of pizza too.

    Both toppings were nice but of course, I have a soft spot for bacon – too bad the crust was less crispy because of the oven.

  2. Lucky you to have your daughter tossing those pizzas for you. Yep they look delicious and like you said, you can’t go wrong with bacon.

    Yup! I just ate, count my blessings! LOL!!!

  3. Oh! Those two pizzas look so good! I saw this Mission Pizza Crust at the supermarket and now I must buy! hee..hee.. Did Melissa spread pizza sauce before she put the toppings?

    Some mushroom tomato-based pasta sauce, shortcut.

  4. ooo, this is quite cool cos you could experiment with all sorts of different toppings for the pizza. maybe a pizza with a sarawak laksa paste base instead of tomato sauce? 😀

    Hey! That’s a great idea! I have some laksa paste left from cooking that last week, still in the freezer. Seafood would be great with that – prawns, squid, mussels…

  5. Thats a nice looking pizza specially if its a ready bake ones, how was the crust

    It was very nice but not like pizza’s thin crust. More like tacos.

  6. I’ve heard of people who are sensitive to gluten who are able to eat more natural products such as sourdough but react to overly processed bread. Wonder if it has more to do with chemicals and GMO than gluten.

    I haven’t the slightest idea. Chemical-added and GMO stuff is best avoided.

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