A place called home…

I saw somebody’s post on Facebook but the name was in Mandarin. I clicked the link to go to their Facebook page but no, there was no address given, just a map that took me to somewhere in the Sibu Bus Terminal area but the pointer was pointing to some place in the middle of the road.

In the end, I had no choice but to go and ask the guy. He obviously is not someone good at giving directions and the only useful piece of information that I got from him was that it was near this restaurant. I took the name in Mandarin, 家茶室, and sought the help of Google Translate and got “Home Tea Room” which in fact, came pretty close…

Home Coffee Shop

Seeing all the things that my friend had, I simply could not resist going to search for it and much to my delight, it was not difficult to find.

I had the Penang kway teow th’ng (RM6.90)…

Penang kway teow th'ng

…which did not taste as cheng (clear) as the ones I had on the island. It had a hint of sweetness, probably from the light soy sauce or whatever used and it reminded me of some soup noodles that I had in Singapore, way back in 1973 or the Ipoh chicken hor fun I had at Old Town or elsewhere.

I quite liked it and I was delighted that they used the smaller, thinner and a little translucent kway teow like those up north in the peninsula but I am not at all fond of the frozen meat balls nor the pork fat crusts – should I be having this again, I shall tell them to leave those out and give me an extra fresh meatball or a slice of liver instead.

Of course, I had to order the or chian or oyster omelette, small (RM9.90)…

Or chian oyster omelette

…even though I knew I would be so so full after eating both my orders. I had not had it for so long that I cannot remember when that was.

It did not taste quite like the or chian I had had in Penang or KL or elsewhere but yes, it was very nice. There was only a slight hint of the gooey stuff, barely noticeable, in the omelette. I don’t know what gave it that colour – maybe they used those Omega 3 or kampung chicken eggs.  There were a lot of oysters…

Oysters in the omelette

…not all that big but big enough to give it that coveted “smell of the sea” so on the whole, I did enjoy it especially with the very nice own-made chili dip that came with it. I tapao-ed the L serving (RM14.90) home for the ladies to try and they loved it. My girl was absolutely delighted! “Buang gian (appease the craving),” she said. She could not remember when or where the last time she had that was either.

I certainly would go back there again to see what else they have on their menu – I saw Penang char kway teow but we have a lot of wannabes all over town so I did not order that and I probably would not go for that either the next time I go there.

HOME COFFEE SHOP (2.306064, 111.847597) is located along Lorong Pahlawan 7A4, among the shops where the UOB and OCBC Banks are, in the block of shops before Sianggelila Xiqing Restaurant facing that private road/shortcut leading to Good Happiness Restaurant/SMK Deshon.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “A place called home…”

  1. Wow you could recall something as way back as 1973?

    I am sure your girl is really delighted that you tapao for her. I would love to have a plate too.

    Of course…and that was because I went back to Singapore once every year right through the 70’s and 80’s until the early 90’s…until the difference in currency value made it too expensive to go, not affordable and not worthwhile going especially after they turned the place into one massive fairyland-like theme park, not the old Singapore that I knew and loved so well, no character…and the food was no longer great like before – they say have to go to the housing areas to find good stuff like in the good ol’ days. Why! These days, the Singaporeans themselves head to Melaka on weekends for the food – cheap and nice!

  2. That will be the type of kway teow th’ng I like, using the smaller, thinner and a lttle translucent kway teow.. Wow, the or chien is to die for, so generous with the oysters and price is reasonable. There is another crispy type of or chien, I think they call it Teochew or chien if I am not wrong but I prefer this one.

    Yes, some call it the Kuching pizza, dunno if it is available anywhere else or not. We had one here long ago but closed down already. We do enjoy that one as well.

  3. The Or Chien looks good! Better than the ones I took in Penang, actually… You don’t have to go Penang to taste those.. hahaha…

    Yes, no need to spend a fortune to go and eat all the Penang delights and actually, some here may be nicer even. Penang is overrated, a tourist trap in more ways than one – like Singapore.

  4. This reminds me that I didn’t get to have a proper plate of oyster omelet when I was last in Penang!

    You didn’t? They have nice ones at a lot of places there! For me, a must-eat when in Penang.

  5. The last country I lived in before Malaysia, people did not like to disappoint you by not giving an answer so even if they didn’t know the directions they would make them up! You can imagine what sorts of trouble that got us into.

    Oh dear!!! I wonder where that is. LOL!!!

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