Everything as planned…

Well, Father’s Day came and went and we had dinner at home to celebrate, everything as planned.

My missus marinated the rack of lamb the night before and roasted it in the oven for an hour or two…

Roast New Zealand rack of lamb

It was absolutely delicious, you take my word for it, served with roasted potatoes that my girl prepared, and it went so well with the mint sauce…

Mint sauce

…that the mum made using the leaves from the plants I planted in our garden.

The Aussie wagyu beef…

Aussie wagyu beef

…was somewhat disappointing though. It was dry and hard, probably the result of being cooked for too long. The next day, I took the leftovers, cut the meat across the grain into thin slices and threw it into the slow cooker, along with the fried onions by the side and also the roasted potatoes from the lamb dish and it turned out so so so good! In the end, we managed to finish all of it, nothing went to waste.

The half-shell scallops with garlic & vermicelli…

Half shell scallops

…were easy to prepare. We only had to steam it and yes, it was very nice especially with my missus’ blended chili and garlic and lime dip.

My missus cooked this mushroom soup…

Mushroom soup

…for everybody and I made some coleslaw…


We only ate a bit of it though – there were simply too many things to eat and since it could be kept in the fridge to be eaten slowly, we went for the Ceasar salad…

Ceasar salad

…that my girl made instead. I bought a bottle of Ceasar salad dressing, made in Taiwan, from a supermarket here and it was quite nice.

There were croissants and cake and ice cream for dessert but those will be in tomorrow’s post. You’d stick around, wouldn’t you?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Everything as planned…”

  1. The lambs and potatoes remind me of Christmas. 🙂

    That’s easily available any time of year. Turkey would remind me of Christmas and mince pies.

  2. That’s indeed a scrumptious dinner to celebrate Father’s Day. Guess you know what I like, of course the mushroom soup, coleslaw and Ceasar salad. I can have the Ceasar salad all to myself.

    That’s a giant bowl! We did manage to finish most of it.

  3. Happy Belated Father’s Day. Your food always looks deliciously yummy! I don’t post regularly as it is very difficult for me to log in. Your posts are such an enjoyable read. Thank you.

    Thanks! I wonder why it’s difficult for you to log in. You mean it’s a hassle to go through the motions to comment? Never mind! Just drop by and read, glad you enjoy that!

  4. Wow. So sumptious. Fit for a king. The man of the house.

    I like scallop with garlic and vermicelli. Had that once in a restaurant over here. The lamb rack looked so good. Pity the wagyu was too dry. I guess you shouldn’t cook it for too long. Usually people take it rare or half done. Not too well done.

    Kuching has Sarabif – can get fresh beef. not here in Sibu…but I’m sure most places outside will not use those. You go and see the imported slabs of beef at the supermarkets, some already black, no longer red. Dunno frozen for how long already – I sure would not want to eat it rare or medium rare.

    The Aussie wagyu is not too bad, still a little red, not really black and it’s vacuum-packed. I didn’t cook it and my missus wouldn’t want it any other way except well done. Unfortunately, this time around, it wasn’t well done – it was overdone! Was o.k. the last time when we had individual steaks, well done – very very nice!

  5. Wow you had such a feast. Wagyu beef need not be cooked for too long. Just briefly will do and oooo la la it will be juicy and delicious but thank goodness all is well after u dumped everything in the slow cooker.

    Missus cannot see red one, must be cooked thoroughly. Was o.k. the last time, this time, overdone. Too tired maybe, cooking all day, not young anymore mah.

  6. Glad to hear that everything turned out good except that the beef was kind of dry. I would go for the lamb, scallops and mushroom soup.

    No beef for you, eh? Yesterday, my missus cooked soup with it, Korean-style with daikon. It was very tender, very very nice…but of course, you can’t eat that either.

  7. Wowsers. That rack of lamb looks a treat.

    It was good the first time and this second time around too. Wouldn’t mind buying again if there is any reason to celebrate. Easy to cook, nice to eat!

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