In the pink…

When I was teaching, the students loved to write, “I am in the pink of health.” They probably picked that up from their previous teachers or those at the tuition centres. Actually, that is not quite correct – “in the pink” will suffice so you can write, “I hope you are in the pink,” that’s enough.

Well, talking about pink, I finally managed to get hold of this new line of ice cream from Walls/Magnum, their cherry blossoms (RM4.50 each)…


I’ve seen many bloggers trying it and some reviews did not seem all that flattering while most are more diplomatic – they did not say outright that they did not like it.

So what did I think about it? I liked the pink Belgian chocolate and bits of cherry on the outside…

Pink Belgian chocolate & cherry pieces

…but the taste of what was inside…

MAGNUM Cherry Blossoms, inside

…needed a bit of getting used to. I could not really tell whether the taste and “fragrance” came from the “sakura-flavoured ice cream” or those streaks of dark pink, whatever those were.

It reminded me of that time way back in 1986 when I went to a barber in Bukit Bintang in KL. After he was done, he gave me a head and neck massage and stopped short of twisting it off my shoulders! Then, he splashed some cologne on my neck and goodness gracious me! The “fragrance” was so strong that I took a cab straight back to my hostel on top of the hill in Lembah Pantai so I could quickly have a good bath to get rid of it. My girl tried and she said it was “like eating perfume”.

There is another new line out now – the Ruby. Of course, we will want to try that once it is available in town but in the meantime, our favourite is still this one (RM4.90)…

MAGNUM macadamia salted caramel

I had a glimpse at the prices mentioned in one of the blogs and it does seem that these are much cheaper here in Sibu, compared to KL. Hehehehehe!!!

Incidentally, if anyone is thinking of getting hold of this cherry blossoms line of MAGNUM ice cream (people have been asking where they can buy it), you can get it at the Malay kueh and cake shop beside KOPI KOPI Café & Kitchen which is located at the blocks of shops, at the back facing Bandong Walk (2.313869, 111.825808) and the main road. They have a WALLS freezer there with all kinds of ice cream from the company.

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8 thoughts on “In the pink…”

  1. Have yet to try this cherry blossoms flavour. I don’t recall seeing this at my place.

    Perhaps I should recheck. Then again your review shows that it is a flavour that not everyone can stomach. :p

    I read somewhere that it’s a limited edition so I guess that means it will only be available for a while.

  2. Like eating perfume! That I agree hee..hee… I have yet to find the Macadamia Salted Caramel. Will be sure to pick it up if I see it.

    That has been around for a while now, our favourite.

  3. From the pix it looks good.. If it has very mild perfume taste, I may like to try. One can see that it has only a very thin coated layer outside and inside was too much of the Sakura-flavoured ice cream. If they reduced a bit, then it might not be too strong.

    It’s not so strong that it will put one off – still quite nice, I would say, just that it is not really something I would get excited about, not something not to be missed – die die must eat one.

  4. Eating a perfume?? I could imagine that. Haha.

    Havent go and hunt for it yet. Been busy since schools started to give out homework and I become ‘temporary’ home tutor to my boys. LOL.

    Not so easy to find in Kuching either, I hear. A cousin of mine got it at 7-11 somewhere, 3rd Mile, I think.

  5. Macadamia is my favorite too! The pink one I’ve heard it’s too sweet..

    Not really, is o.k. but the “fragrance” is an acquired taste. So far the salted caramel is everyone’s favourite.

  6. Dont seem to see cherry blossoms one over here. But it looks better than the ruby chocolate one that i tried, cos got cherry bits.

    Here too, not easily available. Limited edition, they say. No Ruby here.

  7. Never tried that flavour, looks interesting, feels like Japanese

    Their influence, obviously. We’d probably have kim chi ice cream soon. 😦

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