It should be the same because it was the one and the same plant…

The original

Originally, it was one of those potted bamboos that people buy to display in the house during Chinese New Year for good luck. My missus bought one and somehow or other, in the end, she went and planted it in a pot and it grew, not that well but it stayed alive.

When I started gardening, I tried the best I could to spruce it up a bit and yes, it did grow quite well but eventually, it got too cramped inside the pot – all roots, not much soil left so I decided to dig it out and split it into two pots. Yes, both survived and are doing fine but the one in the other pot…

The new one

…looks a bit nicer with the broader leaves, lines and all. Don’t ask me why because I really do not know why they have turned out different!

Moving on from my plants, have you tried these…

Potato crisp


No, I’m not into junk food, none of those snacks that are the favourite of many and no, I did not buy these. During the COVID-19 MCO partial lockdown, my sister bought some of the vegetable flavour ones for my girl and she loved them very much. After that, she got her the sour cream ones and my girl said that between the two, the latter was nicer.

I gave them a try and yes, I too share the same opinion – they are very nice. Paper thin and very brittle, very crispy and the best part would be how they are not salty and overloaded with msg, unlike most of the rest – the potato chips, the prawn crackers and what not. As for which one is nicer, I think I like the vegetable one…

Vegetable & sour cream

…the one with the darker shade and specks of vegetable and seaweed. I don’t know how much they cost of course since I have never bought my own. You will not regret it, I assure you.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Nicer…”

  1. Yeah I have tried these snacks. Usually my kids had them in school. :p

    WHAT??? I thought they can’t sell junk food in school? Now, that’s bad!

  2. Are these what we call Japanese bamboo? I guess you should change the soil for the 1st pot. I seldom buy junk food, usually my son did and the only one I like is Mister Potato chips. These junk food are very addictive. Once start munching, it will never stop.

    I never buy either. If you see me buying, it will be for my girl. She loves these things. Some imported ones are extremely salty, best avoided. I do think the local ones are better, not so salty but still, not to be eaten too often.

  3. looking at how those leaves seem so vibrant and healthy, both your thumbs must be bright green! 🙂

    Not really. All will depend on a whole lot of luck, a lot of disasters and failed attempts, unrecorded. LOL!!!

  4. Yes I have bought and eaten this snack before, I prefer the original and I like it very much cos it is thin, can easily be eaten… hahahaa…

    And nicely packed in convenient packs of 3, no need to eat all quickly. Very light because of the thinness, that’s why I like.

  5. I think I may have eaten these potato crisps before. Someone gave me and yes, I thought they were very good.

    Running out. Gotta stock up if I see any at the shops the next time I go out.

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