My favourite one…

Some of my regular followers may remember that I was looking for curry-flavoured instant noodles that taste like curry as we know it and all that I tried did not seem to be what I was looking for.

I did try this brand and thought it was quite awful – the rest might not taste quite like it but they were definitely better than this one. Somebody did suggest the Chef series from that very same brand and I was quite sure I did try it before but I could not remember exactly whether I liked it or not.

Well, during this COVID-19 MCO partial lockdown, my missus had been buying all kinds of instant noodles and it so happened that she bought a pack of the aforementioned brand…

Mamee Chef noodles

It states “mee tarik” (pulled noodles) quite clearly on the packet but personally, I could not tell the difference. At the end of the day, it is what it is – instant noodles.

My missus seems to enjoy it a lot and would cook a packet for herself quite often when she wakes up in the morning so the other morning, I decided to give it another try.

There are three sachets inside, two with two sections…


…one with the oil and what looks like soy sauce and the other, the curry seasoning and what looks like santan (coconut milk) powder. The third sachet contains dried tofu and dehydrated vegetables.

I cooked one poached egg using this method that seemed to work very well for me and yes, I kept vigil to make sure that the egg yolk would be nice and runny…

Poached egg

…not overcooked.

I fished out the egg and put it aside and used the water to boil two huge prawns and one tofu puffs. That way, the bits of egg white that had gone swimming in the water would not go to waste. I removed the prawns and the tofu puff and threw in the noodles, adding all the contents in the sachets.

Once cooked, I poured everything into a bowl and placed the prawns by the side. I cut the tofu puff into quarters and in it went as well, together with a few thinly-sliced tomato, left over from my breakfast platter that day. Finally, I garnished it with chopped spring onions from my garden and some fried shallots…

Mamee Chef curry laksa

…and served.

Yes, I thought it was very nice, whatever you call it – curry laksa or curry mee. There was that delightful curry taste, not obtrusively lemak and yes, I did enjoy it even though I thought the dried tofu was a bit on the hard side, nothing to shout about and if there were traces of any dehydrated vegetables, I sure did not notice.

All things considered, I think if it is curry-flavoured instant noodles that I want, I would go for this one, my favourite so far.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “My favourite one…”

  1. If I am not mistaken one of these Chef Series from Mummy has won world award for being one of the best in the world.

    You should try their tom yam. 😀

    Was it that Ramen Rater guy? For one thing, it is no longer endorsed by that celebrity Malaysian chef. Maybe that is why it’s nicer – no need to spend money on paying him, can invest on improving their products.
    Good eh, their tom yam? Will look out for it the next time I go out. We had a very nice one once – this one:

  2. I guess you have try most (if not all) instant noodles of different brand. I have a packet of this brand in my pantry bought by my son, definitely not me as I seldom eat instant noodles unless no choice.. My son is as adventurous as you buying all sorts of instant noodles to try. After trying one or two,packets, the rest will be left lying there. I will stick faithfully to Mee Daddy, be it curry or chicken flavour.

    LOL!!! I have a family pack of Mee Daddy in stock. Yes, it’s very good, made in Sibu!

  3. Long time did not eat curry instant noodles. Maybe should go get once my current stock of other flavours run out.

    My missus has a pack left…but a whole lot of other flavours. Think we can just finish them all up, can go out more easily now.

  4. Wow that last photo looks like it came from a restaurant, nice one

    Oh? I was not too happy with it – taken before dawn in artificial light. I prefer snapshots in natural daylight.

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