Upgrade u…

The other day, when I got my regular computer guy to fix my built-in sound card problem, I told him I would want to upgrade my CPU and he could go ahead and start getting the things/parts required.

He did mention in passing, after I had said that, that the system was lagging and was rather slow and yes, indeed, it was. I would switch on the computer and I could go out for a breath of fresh air and come back before it had completed logging in. Logging out/switching down would take ages as well.

Everything would take quite a while and I just assumed it was my poor wifi connection. The modem is in the living room and my PC is in my computer room – the people who came said it would be faster if I had a wire connection but the wire was out of stock at the time. In the end, I just used a wireless USB modem that I just plugged into the CPU.

I can’t remember when he last upgraded my CPU – that was like so many years ago. Initially, he said he had got everything…


…except the new hard disk that he was looking for. He said he would be able to do it the following week but I would have to go on using the old hard disk for the time being.

Eventually, he called me to tell me of a change in plans. He would drop by my house to get the CPU on Friday night to work on it…

CPU inside

…over the weekend and he would send it back on Sunday. Much to my delight, he contacted me on Friday night, after he had collected the CPU, to tell me that the hard disk was already available so I could have a brand new one as well.

On Saturday, he called me again, this time to tell me that everything was done, way ahead of schedule and he could send the upgraded CPU back that evening itself…

Windows 11

…and I am so very delighted as to how very fast it is now. I would switch the computer on and it would be on instantly and the same thing when I switch it off – no need to wait for it to go round and round, logging off. Uploading photos is a breeze, just as instant and it is the same with everything else. All in the wink of an eye! Gee!!! I should have upgraded the system long ago!!!

In the meantime, I have one USB audio adapter, no longer of any use as with the upgrading, my CPU now has a new built-in sound card so if anybody wants it, just let me know and I can send it to him or her.

Author: suituapui

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10 thoughts on “Upgrade u…”

  1. Wah, very fast now eh? No need to wait for boot up. So how much was the upgrade in total?

    Around 1K only. He told me the prices, RM7.50 for the pentium whatever, over RM300 for the hard disk but he got it for 275 so I had to pay him 1025, dunno where his service charge came in. Maybe he included it in the prices of the parts already.

  2. The computer guy did a good job. Very fast, reliable and efficient service. Now it is a breeze to do everything instantly.

    Yes, otherwise I would have to be very very patient!

  3. It is great to get faster connection and speed. Now I am using Unifi at home. Everything rely on it at home. Phone, smart tv, pc. I seldom use pc as it is so slow, need to upgrade too but we mostly use for printing and hubby playing his pc game. Other than that, I use my phone. Kids using laptop as easier to move around with it.

    I don’t know smartphones but laptops are extremely slow…a lot slower than my PC BEFORE the upgrading, running on Windows 7. I got so impatient when I HAD to use one. Obviously, your PC needs upgrading! Only thing is PCs, you cannot bring here and there. Only around 1K, I sure am glad I did it. So very happy now!

  4. As an enthusiast for IT and thats my job too, usually upgrades nowadays all you need is a better hard drive unless your machine is more than 10 years old. Most modern processors and memory are fast enough but the old hard drive cant catch up making it look really slow on your machine. So usually an SSD will solve most of the issues

    I see. Not sure how old my CPU is nor the last time I upgraded it. About time, I must say.

  5. I’m glad you had your computer upgraded and all is good! Good thing that you have a regular IT technician to help you with all these things. I am fortunate that my brother is well versed with IT and he takes care of my computer needs. All I need to do is belanja him a good meal hee..hee…

    So nice. If only I had a brother like that. This guy’s good, no need to leave the house – he’ll come and take care of everything.

  6. Good to upgrade and enjoy the speed in the comfort of your home.

    It’s only around 1K, SGD300. If it would be too expensive, I probably would not go for it. No need to be so fast. I have all the time in the world.

  7. My desktop has gone case after serving me for five years. I called the computer guy and he said maybe my hard disk got problem, i am still thinking of whether to repair it or not as i enjoy using desktop a lot, bigger and a lot of things can do compared to using a tablet.

    Yes, I prefer using the PC. The laptop is VERY slow and everything is VERY small, probably worse with the tablet.

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