Learning something new…

I saw a very easy way to cook poached eggs on a Youtube video, not this one but it was something quite similar except that the guy was cooking around 10 poached eggs at one go.

I decided to give it a try so I filled two bowls with a bit of water and broke two eggs into them, one each…

Getting the eggs ready

…and promptly put them in the steamer to steam.

In the meantime, I went on to prepare all the things I intended to have for breakfast. I toasted two slices of bread on a grilled pan, buttered them and sliced some tomato thinly to place on top. Then, I pan-grilled one gourmet sausage and a few slices of smoked bacon and once the eggs were ready, I placed them on top of the toasts…


…and sat down to enjoy my scrumptious meal.

Now, where did I go wrong? Firstly, it was not that easy getting the eggs out of the bowls and I was not careful in doing that – that was why the eggs ended up looking like a total disgrace! I even dropped one topside down and had to salvage it! Besides, I went and did all the other things I had to do and forgot to keep time so the egg yolks were overdone…

Overdone yolks

If you take a look at the video clip, it seems that we are supposed to steam over medium heat for 3-5 minutes only in order to get those beautiful runny to moist yolks. I must keep that in mind for the next time I do it this way again.

Well, even though the eggs did not look all that presentable and the yolks were not exactly the way I would have loved them, I sure enjoyed my breakfast…

My breakfast

…that morning. That looks kind of over-indulgent, don’t you think? Never mind! We do need to pamper ourselves once in a while…especially at my age. LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Learning something new…”

  1. The breakfast looks awesome even without the two poached eggs. All the while you are good at poached eggs with your old way of doing it. Nevermind, practise makes perfect and that makes life more interesting for an adventurous person like you.

    This way is a whole lot easier and the egg white is not wasted. In the boiling method, some of the white will go swimming in the swirling water, all wasted.

  2. Poached eggs is something I have yet to attempt on my own. Let me check out the youtube videos and see if I am game to have a go.

    So easy this way, even a kid can do it!

  3. Till today I still can’t really get the timing flawlessly right. 😀

    Like you said, just enjoy the food.

    And there is a difference if the egg is from the fridge or at room temperature. Pratice makes perfect.

  4. I have been doing lot of YouTube tutorials recently. Mostly on gardening though.

    I find them very frustrating – they make everything look so easy and when I try, it is so hard…and worse still, I may not be all that successful. Tsk! Tsk!

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