A million dreams…

This is our celebrated wild jungle fern, the midin…


…but somewhere along the line, the name got distorted by the local Chinese and became “million“. It is very popular, a must have when dining at our restaurants probably because it is very nice plus it has a somewhat auspicious name.

When my friend from Singapore came here many years ago, he brought some home. His mum cooked it and it looked really nice in the photograph he sent me – if I am not wrong, she fried it with sambal hay bee (udang kering/dried prawns) but he said it was rather hard in the lower half. I scrutinised the photograph closely and I noticed that they cooked it whole.

Prior to cooking it, you should cut away the lower half especially the part where it was cut/plucked. It would have turned brown/dark…

Dark tips

…and besides, the lower part is hard. Cut around two to three inches from the curls – you should be able to do it very easily and that would be an indication that the midin is young enough, crunchy and delicious. If you have difficulty cutting, it may be a bit too old so move up the knife closer to the curls where it would be easier to cut.

These ferns grow in the wild in the belukar (secondary forest) so you can expect to see a bit of dirt, some of the leaves that have come loose, grass perhaps so you will need to rinse them thoroughly a few times. You may see some with dark spots…

Dark spots

…and you may want to use your knife to get rid of those. Just scrape gently and they will be gone. Actually, you can just rub in between your thumb and your finger and the spots will come off quite easily.

There you are! My missus bought half a kg and I got it all done in no time at all…


She fried it with sambal hay bee (udang kering/dried prawns)…


…and there was enough for the three of us for lunch and also for dinner that day.

I noticed that my missus also bought some paku (another type of jungle fern) when I was taking the midin out from the fridge. They do not keep very well and will turn dark in a few days and will not be so nice anymore. That is a lot more tedious to prepare – I think I did blog about it once but I can’t seem to be able to locate the post now. Come back tomorrow – I shall show you how to go about it all over again!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “A million dreams…”

  1. Have not got a taste of paku or midin. Guess can only sample it when I go there. 😀

    Dunno why there is no midin over at your side – there are places named Taman Midin, that I know. But paku, you have a lot. Paku kerabu is very popular, it seems.

  2. My favourite veg. too. Stir fry with hay bee hiam or just Ching chao with garlic and a bit of red wine, it taste superb.

    Yes, the three ways of cooking these ferns. They serve it Thai-style too at some places here – something like Thai salads or kerabu. Somehow, they are not that suitable for sayur rebus or masak lemak – paku is better for those.

  3. I cooked it over the weekend. With Foochow red wine, ginger, garlic and shallot. Seldom cook with belacan or hay bee.

    Haha. Million. But now it isnt cheap anymore. I bought mine from supermarket. A bunch costs RM5.90!!! Phew. But craving for it, so it was alright.

    I guess you went to the wrong place. My cousin said last time RM5.00 for one, now RM5.00 for 3! Supermarket more expensive, I guess.

    With Foochow red wine? My missus cooks it like that sometimes, so Foochow kah you? Can’t say it’s my favourite.

  4. Yes, wild ferns cannot be kept for too long… over here in Ipoh, it is about paku pakis.. no midin at all… One kg is just enough for the 3 of us, I bet… they look so good!

    Soon you’ll be able to travel again. How about another trip to Sibu for another round of these nice things you can get to enjoy here?

  5. I wish I could eat midin as I am sure I would enjoy it. My brother has tried it when he went over to East Malaysia for an assignment. He said it was very good.

    Nicer than asparagus and very very very much cheaper!

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